One among these deities is Surya, the presiding deity of our Sun, also known as Aditya due to his being the son of Aditi , who is worshipped as the sustainer of life on earth. Our culture has given prime importance to worship of the Sun through the practice of Sandhyavandana, the ritual to be performed by all Dvijas wearers of the sacred thread, lit. Another important hymn to the Sun-God is the Aditya Hrudayam, the subject of this article. This is a Stotram, or a sacred hymn, dedicated to Lord Aditya.

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Everything that is around us in the universe is within us as well. Adityahridayam is a devotional hymn associated with Aditya, the Sun God Surya and was recited by the sage Agastya to Lord Rama on the battlefield. Lord Rama after ceaseless battle with Ravana is not able to kill him and is perplexed. At that time the devas who have assembled in the sky advice him to ask the advice from Sage Agasthya.

Agastya teaches Lord Rama, the procedure of worshiping the Sun God for strength to defeat the enemy and Lord Rama subsequently was able to kill Ravana.

Benefits of chanting Aditya Hrudayam Stotram? From adhitya hirudhiyam chanting People get benefit if they are facing state related problems or litigation matters.

It is also beneficial in continuous diseases especially bones and eyes related diseases. You can also chant stotra for better relations with father. It is beneficial to chant to get success in career. This is stated in Bhagavata. Satrajit obtained Syamantaka-mani by worshipping Surya. Dharma Raja obtained Akshaya patra by worshipping Lord Surya and he used to entertain his guests with this wish yielding bowl. He is the God Sadhya, Ashwini devatas Gods of health. He is the maruths who are responsible for breeze, He is the wind God, He is the fire God, and he is the Manu, Vayu the wind God , Agni the fire God , Prana the Life breath of all beings , the maker of six seasons and the giver of light.

He has thousands of rays infinite , he is dispeller of darkness. He has seven horses symbol of seven lokas. He removes sufferings and gives a pleasant life.

He pervades all with immeasurable amount of rays.


Aditya Hridayam Lyrics in Sanskrit



Aditya Hridayam Stotram – Sanskrit with English Lyrics & meaning


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