When I first read the synopsis of this book I had to do a double take because I thought someone had written a biography about me Girl has no emotions, a bad case of resting bitch face, and hates everything And yeah you guessed it Wren is a reboot. A reboot is when someone dies and comes back to life then becomes part of a government program where they are trained to basically be the new form of police.

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Create New Not to be confused with ReBoot , the cartoon. Reboot is a book series by Amy Tintera. Only Texas, which sealed off its borders when the epidemic got bad, is left. It is never explained what happened to the rest of the world: whether it also was wiped out by the plague, or merely decided on a Quarantine with Extreme Prejudice for America and life moved on.

Advertisement: However, for certain people, the KDH virus did more than just kill you. It killed you, then brought you back - stronger, faster, more durable, able to heal, and a Soulless Shell or at least, the government wants you to think so. The longer you were dead, the less human you are when you return. This works on people of all ages, but adults Go Mad from the Revelation and become dangerous, Ax-Crazy monsters, leaving a bunch of Made of Diamond children and teens, complete with the Healing Factor , living among the few still-human survivors.

These Undead Children are known as Reboots. However, this is not a case of a Teenage Wasteland. If a Reboot is under twelve, they are sent to a holding facility until they become a teenager.

It is later revealed that the under-twelve Reboots are tortured and experimented on for most of that time. Advertisement: Enter The Protagonist , Wren The number "" denotes that she was dead for minutes - the longest ever, which makes her the deadliest Reboot in the Republic of Texas.

She is nearly invincible, faster and stronger than a human can believe, and she enjoys hunting down and killing humans who "misbehave. All that changed when Callum 22 became her new trainee. He smiles, he gets angry, he even cries, and it reminds her of her humanity.

The perfect solider is done taking orders. Reboot contains examples of: Action Girl : Wren, again. Anti-Hero : Wren is definitely an Anti-Hero, at least in the beginning.

Badass Adorable : Wren is tiny, blond, and able to fight off five grown men with guns using only her fists. Beautiful Dreamer : There are several scenes where Callum watches Wren sleep, or vice versa. She has some serious PTSD about the experience. Bullying a Dragon : Strongly averted. Wren is constantly alone, and always the subject of gossip, but no one would dare bully her. The higher numbers treat her with respect, and the lower numbers shit their pants when she looks their direction.

Chill of Undeath : Wren mentions that Reboots, especially the higher numbers, feel cold and dead. Deuteragonist : Callum, in the second book. The Dreaded : Wren is this to the humans of New Texas. Embarrassing Old Photo : Not embarrassing, per se, but very uncomfortable for Wren. Wren becomes agitated and her first instinct is to destroy it. Emotionless Girl : Wren, having been dead for over three hours, is almost completely inhuman. Or so she thinks. The Heart : Callum. Horrifying Hero : The rebels think of the Reboots they have to work with as this.

By the end of the book, falling in love with Callum has caused her to be a bit looser with it. Love Interests : Callum. Manic Pixie Dream Girl : Callum is a rare male example. His antics and sheer humanity get Wren - zombie, badass, completely inhuman Wren - to learn the value of mercy. Until Callum. Only Fatal to Adults : Rebooting as an adult causes insanity and eventually if not put out of their misery immediately painful death.

Rebooting as a child or a teen makes you a mostly invincible badass. Open-Minded Parent : Averted. Wren spent most of her childhood alone, in the slums, often sleeping in opium dens or places like that. Ironically, the only people who ever showed kindness to her were passing Reboots. The Plague : KDH. Riches to Rags : Callum grew up in the ricos, the rich side of the city.

Scenery Gorn : Most of New Texas, except for the ricos. Sidekick : Callum, for most of the book. Small Girl, Big Gun : Wren is tiny. Undead Child : Reboots, especially the higher numbers, apparently still look, feel, and smell dead.

What Is This Feeling? Averted by the end of the second book, when it is finally proven that the number of minutes you were dead means nothing.

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ReseƱa 'Reiniciados' de Amy Tintera

For the lucky ones, when they die, whether due to the disease, starved, shot, or stabbed, they rise from the dead. Some were dead for 22 minutes and rose, while others were dead for minutes. The risen dead have become Reboots, hated by humans yet stronger and faster then them. Kids, however, are taken by the HARC, to become slaves. They are trained by there best Reboots. They learn to fight and kill. They can take a bolt and survive just about everywhere, except their heads.


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