Add to Cart About The Tarot Handbook In this updated edition of The Tarot Handbook, now with a new introduction by the author, Angeles Arrien takes tarot beyond the limits of the fortune-telling realm and shows us how this time-honored application is both a visual and symbolic map of consciousness, and a source of ancient wisdom. An exciting handbook for either a beginning or an ardent student of the tarot, it contains a multitude of charts, spreads, illustrations of the Thoth Deck, and other methodology tools for anyone looking for insights into personal and spiritual development. An anthropologist who specializes in cross-cultural myths, Arrien demonstrates how the seventy-eight figures of the tarot are portraitures and archetypes that are prevalent in the collective human experience. The author teaches us to use this realization to look beyond our cultural viewpoint or bias when we approach the tarot, and to rely instead on these more important universal principles, thereby deepening the quality and accuracy of our interpretations and expanding our awareness of the human psyche. A significant and classic piece of tarot literature, The Tarot Handbook is both a required manual for teachers and students of the subject, and an accessible and fascinating exploration of cultural anthropology.

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I even wrote her a fan letter! Feb 11, Mary Ann rated it liked it I really want to give this book a higher rating. Aside from the fact that Im a firm believer that the Rider Waite tarot deck is the standard , the Thoth deck is actually much different from most 78 card tarot decks.

For I really want to give this book a higher rating. For example: in most decks, justice is the 11th card. While you can figure out your "symbol" and "number" that your life directs, this book is far more interesting for the deep analysis, both Jungian and mystical, of the meaning behind the figures of the Tarot. And not just the major arcana, either, but of every card in the deck.

You get the history of tarot, This is not a book you will sit down and read from cover to cover, although I thought I would and tried to do just that. You get the history of tarot, the various meanings, and some practical guides to using it.

And excellent reference book, not just for Tarot readers, but for anyone interested in poetry and metaphor, imagery and meaning-making. I have been using this book since the early 90s, and it was a refreshing change from the negative interpretations that came with the Thoth deck.

I love the approach of personal growth, the richness of symbolism, and the information about birth date numerology. I highly recommend this book as a learning tool to use with any deck.


Angeles Arrien

May all that is unforgiven in you, be released. May all your fears yield to their deepest tranquilities. May all that is unleashed in you bloom into the future graced with love. May you heal whatever needs healing, release whatever needs releasing, purify whatever needs purification and support the true essence of your heart and being on its journey. May all the good merits you have performed in this lifetime be multiplied and pacify all obstacles, purify any negative karma or obscurations throughout this year and in yers to come. On your journey through this new year, May your True Essence not be caught in any deluded or illusory states as daily life brings you new lessons in all areas of your life, so that you can become a whole human being.


The Tarot Handbook

I lived in her office. Books and Articles Price This is by far the most complete and useful book on Tarot I have ever found. As we explore how to be open to the mystery of life, we let go of our attachments and expectations of outcomes. Wrappers worn, page edges lightly soiled, corners lightly bumped. For the first few years, I read the Crowley cards.

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