Based on hours of interviews with about people, the prismatic show was a tour de force in which Smith originally played more than 40 different characters, including then-Police Chief Daryl Gates, truck driver Reginald Denny, a former L. Sponsored by the nonprofit organization Facing History and Ourselves, it will be held from 7 p. Catalina Street. So it still holds a real place in my heart.

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May 21, Sam rated it really liked it The Los Angeles riots were an eye opening account of the racial and socioeconomic tensions that were occurring within the citizens of L. It was a mixture of different factors for a long time that was adding strain to already fragile tensions. After the verdict was announced for the Simi Valley trial all these tensions that people were internalizing finally exploded.

Anna Deavere Smiths play Twilight: Los Angeles, does a great job at giving a verbatim account of many individuals own The Los Angeles riots were an eye opening account of the racial and socioeconomic tensions that were occurring within the citizens of L. Reading each individual monologue lends itself to a deeper understanding of how there was this kind of me vs. For most people in this book and to readers as well, the Los Angeles riots were a one of kind experience that truly showed or exposed them to the violent nature of humanity that many never experienced or even observed before.

Those feelings and this book lends itself to the deeper narrative of California literature that describe the struggles that many minority groups and people of a lower economic standing continually face. This book leaves readers with the understanding of how people felt when the riots occurred and how they most likely still carry those feelings today. The book also makes a lot of points of how media can often skew images and reports and often worsen situations.

In the book, Paula Weinstein states that she thought it was, "a media fest of making white people scared of the African-American community" Smith, There are several other accounts that make references towards the media feeling that they actually over exaggerated tensions. This book has many strengths however I believe the biggest strength is how each monologue is a verbatim account of the interviews that Anna Deavere Smith conducted.

Not only does it make itself seem more real, but you also feel more connected to the person speaking. For example, before getting into the monologues of the Park family she gives a long explanation of the setting and people around her, "a very pleasant, sunny high-ceilinged new modern home in Fullerton The feel of the place is airy but there is a lot of furniture Park speaks in the rhythm of a person who has full authority and ease, and a person who has all of the facts exactly straight" Smith, The other strength within this book is the fact that Smith took the time to interview people of many different ethnicities, background, and economic standings.

The diversity of the people she interviewed helps readers have an even bigger understanding how many Los Angeles residents felt when these riots occurred. Although this book has many strengths, there is also a major weakness that needs to be addressed.

She also managed to conduct an interview with a firefighter yet completely missed this one side that most likely had plenty to say about the Los Angeles riots. There were many monologues that discussed the law enforcement that were there during those riots, yet never gave an officer that was there the chance to describe their understanding or feelings of the during and after the riots.

For example, Stanley K. Sheinbaum stated "at the same time, I had been on this kick, as I told you before, of I mean this city has abused both sides. The city has abused cops. Even getting an interview from one of the members of the military that were sent out to Los Angeles during the riots would have been an interesting addition to this play. This book will help those who were not born during the time of the riots gain a deeper understanding of the problems and feelings that contributed to the Los Angeles riots.


Anna Deavere Smith revisits ‘Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992'



Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992




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