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Standard fits are designated by means of some symbols which facilitate reference to classes of fits to get better understanding. The symbols are not intended to be shown on the manufacturing detail drawings, only sizes should be specified on the detail drawings. This standard can be explained in three groups. RC4 represent class 4. Description of Fits.

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Implementation of this standard by industry can greatly reduce cost in manufacturing. Comments received as a result of this ballot led to changes and subsequent approval of the text by the Committee.. ASA B4. Square and Hexagonal Metal Products.

American Standard. A draft proposal was circulated for letter ballot of the B4 Committee on October In The first draft proposal of this standard was based on the principles noted above and utilized computer programs to implement the concept. SR Allowances and Gages for Metal Fits.

The preface to that document made significant reference to the contribution of the ABC meetings in developing agreement on five basic principles. These related to the desirability of establishing common definitions.. A logical reduction or expansion of the first choice sizes can simply be achieved by utilizing the RS or R20 series of preferred numbers as explained in this standard. New York. Pennsylvania R. New Haven. A r m y Armament Research Development Command. New Bedford. National I h i d Power Association.

The Barden Corporation. General Motors Technical Center. THE K. Standard Machine Div.. A UnitedGreenfield Div.. Olin Corporation. Continental Screw Company. The Talt-Peirce Manufacturing Company. Glastonbury Gage. Westinghouse Electric Corporation. International Business Machines Corporation. NationaJ Electrical Manufacturers Association. Michigan C. Chairman C. Harnischfeger Corporation.

Rhode Island W. New Jersey Naval Ship Systems Command. Connecticut u.. Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Michigan J. REB Industries.. THE A. International Harvester. Wisconsin R. Wisconsin D. New York D. New York W.. University of Wisconsin. Xerox Corporation. Harrison Engineering Services.. Florida R. Description of Preferred Fits. Preferred Hole Basis Fits. Preferred Basic Sizes. Description of ToleranceDesignation. Tolerance Zones for Internal Dimensions Holes..

FundamentalDeviatlonsandTheir Derivations. Tolerance Zones for External Dimensions Shafts. PreferredShaftBasisClearance Fits. Tables of International ToleranceGrades.. Preferred Shaft Basis Fits. Prefcrred Hole Basis Clearance Fits. Reference Temperaturc.. It is designated by the number 40 in 40H7. The algebraical difference between the maximum limit of size and the corresponding basic size..

The size to which limits or deviations are assigned.. The terms are defined in words below: 1. It is designated by the letter H in 40H7. Thedifference between themaximum and minimum size limits on a part. ANSI It establishes: 1 the designation symbols used to define specific dimensional limits on drawings. The algebraic difference between the minimum limit of size and the corresponding basic size. Tolerance zones for basic sizes in the range from to 3 mm are specified in Appendix B.

The algebraic difference between a size and the corresponding basic size. That one of the two deviations closest to the basic size. I Basic Size. The basic sizes is the same for both members of a fit.. A zonerepresentingthetolerance and its position in relation to the basic size. It is designated by the number 7 in 40H7 1T7. Example: Basic Size Fit 1 Some methods of designating tolerances on drawingsgages. Examples: Tolerance Zone sym bo1 Inrcmal Dimensions. Therelationshipbetween assembled parts when clearance occurs under all tolerance conditions.

A fit is indicated by the basic size common to both components. Capitallettersare used The preference rating has been based on the for internal dimensions see Appendix B.

Table B Therelationshipbetweenassembled parts when either a clearance or interference fit can result depending on the tolerance conditions of the mating parts. The toleranced sizes is thus defined bythebasic size of thepartfollowedby a symbol composed of a letter and a number. Table Bl. The system of fits where the minimum hole size is basic.

The system of fits where the maximum shaft size is basic. A smaller grade numberprovides a smallertolerancezone see Appendix B. A group of tolerances which vary depending on the basic size. The relationship between assembled parts when interference occurs under all tolerance conditions. Fundamentaldeviationsareexpressedby SquareandHexagonal Metal Products. The basic size of mating parts should The second choice series shown are rounded off By combining the IT grade number and the tolerance position letter.

I 2 Interference Fit. Figure I. The encircled tolerance zones I 3 each are first choice.


ANSI B4.2 - 1978 Preferred Metric Limits and Fits



Fit tolerances and applications


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