Dezember immatrikulierte er sich in Padua. Wegen eines Duells musste er Padua allerdings nach wenigen Monaten erneut fluchtartig verlassen. Der Weg zum Alchemisten[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] In der Zeit zwischen und hat sich Michael Maier, der Junggeselle blieb, vom gelehrten Philosophen zum praktischen Okkultisten oder Alchemisten entwickelt. Als im Sommer eine Seuche ausbrach, lud ihn ein wohlhabender Patient ein, bei ihm auf dem Landgut das Ende der Epidemie abzuwarten. Hier fand er eine umfassende alchemistische Bibliothek vor, aus der er im Sommer systematisch die Beschreibungen der verschiedenen Stufen des Prozesses abschrieb. Zwischen Rudolf II.

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For how should the thing nourishing, supposing it beforehand to be like to, or the same with the thing nourished, have need of any change in its essence, which if it should happen would hinder it from remaining the same or alike. For how should those things be received for nourishment which cannot be converted into a like substance with the thing nourished, as wood, stones, etc.

As therefore the first is vain so the second is contrary to Nature. But for an infant newborn to be nourished with the Milk of Animals is a thing not repugnant to Nature, for milk will become of the like substance with it, but more easily if it be sucked from the Mother than any other Creature.

The Vessel is indeed Artificial, but in this there is no more difference than if the nest were made by the Hen herself or made for her by the Country Dame in some convenient place as commonly it is. Nevertheless, Nature is always the Mistress and art the Handmaid. Vade ad mulierem lavantem pannos, tu fac similiter. Abdita quisquis amas serutari dogmata, ne sis Deses, in exemplum, quod juvet, omni trahas: Anne vides, mulier, maculis abstergere pannos Ut soleat calidis, quas superaddit, aquis?

This is the work of women which is taught them by Nature. For all Chemical preparations, as Calcination, Sublimation, Solution, Distillation, Descension, Coagulation, Fixation, and the rest are performed by washing only. For whoever washes a thing unclean with waters does the same thing as He that runs through all these Operations.

And Ansel. What is said of the Hairs of a Salamander, that they will make the wick of a Lamp that shall be incombustible is not to be Credited. We do not speak here of combustible matters. But their Fire is Water and their Water is Fire. Their Water at the same time washes and calcines, and so does their Fire. Non hominum foret in mundo nunc tanta propago, Si fratri conjunx non data prima soror. Ergo lubens conjunge duos ab utroque parente Progenitos, ut sint faemina masque toro.

But when Philosophers speak of the Marriage of a Mother with her Son, a Father with his Daughter, or a Brother with his Sister, these neither speak nor act against the Laws before mentioned, Because the Subjects distinguish the Attributes, and the Cause the Effects. For the Persons of whom the Philosophers speak are as much at liberty as the Sons and Daughters of Adam, who intermarried without the Imputation of any Crime.

The chiefest reason seems to be that the Human Race might be more strictly United and associated by affinity and friendship, and not be divided by enmities and Hereditary Factions of families.

The Philosophers have a different reason why the Brother should marry the Sister, which is the similitude of their Substance, that Like may be joined to its Like.

Of this kind, there are two which are alike in Specie but different in Sex. One of which is called the Brother, the other the Sister. The Brother is hot and dry, and therefore very Choleric. The Sister, therefore, and Brother are rightly joined by the Philosophers.

So the Metallic Nature, which above all things has a likeness or Homogeneity of Substance, desires its like when any thing is to be joined to it. Foemineo gelidus ponatur pectore Bufo, Instar ut infantis lactea pocla bibat.

For, as she nourishes the conceived Embryo before it is brought forth with her blood, so she does afterwards with her milk. Then He is properly weaned, because Nature has provided him more solid food. Regularly it ought to be had out of an Animal. But if the Stone be taken out of subterranean Caverns, as it is commonly, it may be neatly contrived in that shape and used instead of it, being chosen from the best minerals and most relevant to the Heart.

For to what end should a Toad adorn himself, seeing he lurks in darkness and secret places? Perhaps that he might be very magnificently accosted by the Beetle, if by chance he should meet him in the Twilight. What Subterranean Goldsmith should make him that Golden Chain? Perhaps that Father of the Green children, that came out of the Land of St.

Martin, or rather from the Earth itself, as the two Dogs came out of a Quarry, according to the same Author. Ruricolae pingui mandant sua femina terrae, Cum fuerit rastris haec foliata suis. Philosophi niveos aurum docuere per agros Spargere, wui folii se levis instar habent: Hoc ut agas, illus bene respice, namque quod aurum Germinet, ex tritico videris, ut speculo.

For they both take a Natural Subject to which, according to their Art, they either add something that is necessarily wanting or remove those things which are superfluous. So that both their Arts may as medicine is by Hippocrates be defined to be the addition of what is wanting or Subtraction of superfluity. But as for the increase and produce of it he leaves that to Nature which administers Rain to the Heat of the Sun, and by these two Multiplies the seeds and improves them into standing Corn fit for reaping.

While the blade is growing he weeds out the thistles and throws out all other impediments. So the Physician likewise the Chemist in a different respect administers preventing Physic to the Patient as well as Restorative, removes the Cause, Cures the malady, assuages symptoms, takes away superfluous blood by opening a vein and if low restores it by a Regulation of Diet, evacuates ill humors by purging, and so by a thousand methods imitates, supplies and corrects Nature with the operations of Art and Understanding.

Our present Considerations are not concerning these things which are commonly known, but of matters merely Chemical. They have their Dung with which they enrich their ground, so have these without which nothing can be accomplished nor any fruit expected.

What need of many words? For these abstruse Mysteries of Nature under these Veils are at the same time explained to the Wise, whilst they are concealed from the Vulgar. Hence the Philosophers affirm it to be sowed in White foliated Earth, as if they would have said that the sowing of Wheat must be looked upon as an example and consequently imitated.

White Earth as being Sandy yields little fruit to the Countrymen who esteem that which is black as being fattest. But the other is of most Value to the Philosophers if it be foliated, that is, well prepared. For they know how to improve it with their Dung, which the others do not. For semination is the propagation of the world by which Care is taken that what cannot last in the individual may be continued in the species.

This is in Men, Animals and Plants; in the first, Hermaphroditically, in the two last under different sexes, but in Metals it is far otherwise, for in them a Line is made from the flux of a Point, a Superficies from the flux of a Line, a body from the flux of a Superficies.

But the Stars produce that point before either the line, the superficies, or the Body, because it is the Principle of them all. Achilles is nothing else but the Philosophic subject, whose Son is Pyrrhus, with red Hair, without which two, Troy could not be subdued, as we have demonstrated in the sixth Book of our Hieroglyphics. Inde volans redit in nidum, quem liquerat, illis Junge caput caudae, tum nec inanis eris.

For if there was but one Element, there could be no change of that into another, no generation nor corruption would happen, but all would be one immutable thing, and no meteors, minerals, plants or animals could be naturally produced from it. This is illustrated by two Eagles, one with Wings, the other without; the first of which, endeavoring to fly, is restrained by the second. The contrary appeared in the Artificial Dove which was an Automata or self-moving piece of Workmanship made by Architas, whose heavy things were carried upwards by light, that is, its wooden body was lifted into the Air by the Spirit that was enclosed within it.

Concerning this or one like it, Hermes as the Author of Aurora, ch. Because in that the Spirit at the superexistences of the Body is Occupied from flight. For the Earth retains the other Elements with itself. We must not therefore have respect to the unequal Composition of these last, being not so strongly mixed, nor to the Co-mixture of the first, which is more desirable, though composed of Volatiles.

Est avis in mundo sublimior omnibus, Ovum Cujus ut inquiras, cura sit una tibi. There are many and diverse kinds of Birds whose number is uncertain and their Names unknown to Us. Story tells us of a very great Bird named Ruc, that appears at certain seasons of the Year in a small Island of the Ocean, which can bear an Elephant up with it into the Air. India and America send us Crows and Parrots of diverse Colors. But it is not the Philosophical intention to enquire after the Eggs of these birds.

The Philosophers do indeed smite their Eggs with fire, but it is not with an intent to mortify it, but that it may live and grow up. For, seeing that an animate and living chicken is thence produced, it cannot be said to be Corruption, but generation. This is said to be smitten with a fiery sword when Vulcan performing the office of a Midwife as he did to Pallas coming from the brain of Jupiter, does by his ax make a passage for the newborn Chicken. As, therefore, Heat pierces, so that which pierces will sometimes supply the absence of Heat.

Upon which Consideration, that wherewith the Philosophical Egg ought to be smitten may not undeservedly be called a fiery sword. Wherefore man also, when he arrives at full growth, admits of decay, which is the same thing as old age, whereby his strength is sensibly diminished until he die. As, therefore, a Lamp is extinguished for want of oil, so man by old age, without any other disease, falls into atrophy [marasmus, lit. It is reported of the Eagle, that when he grows old, his beak becomes so crooked that he would die with Hunger, unless he could cast it.

There is nothing that can restore Youth to man but death itself, which is the beginning of Eternal life that follows it. It is scarce believed by the Vulgar that such Trees can be in Nature.

But this is scarce credited. But in this he seems rather to be guided by his fancy than experience. In which Natural work then is the concurrence of all the Elements.


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