Plot[ edit ] The book deals with social insecurity, racial prejudice and the rule of the conservative church in a small town. Her mother Lilla Lamb buys her a special book and pen in which she is told to write any lies or stories that she is tempted to tell, in an effort to curb her tale-telling habit. By the end of the book, Beka has transformed from "a flat-rate Belize creole " to a girl with "high mind", since her troubles have forced her to learn the value of money, education, unity within the community and most of all, some manners and respect. The novel consists of 26 chapters each building up on a certain plot or problem. Themes[ edit ] Political theme. One theme prevalent in this novel is the political state of Belize, the movement from British rule is important to this story.

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Shelves: around-the-world , caribbean-reading-challenge , caribbean , central-america Beka Lamb tells the story of a few months in the life of a fourteen-year-old girl Beka and her slightly older friend Toycie, who both attend a convent school in Belize. Its published as part of the Heinemann Caribbean Writers Series, and so it has one of those rather off-puttingly institutional covers that makes me feel like Im back in school.

And indeed Im sure it works well as a GCSE set text: its short, its about a teenager, it has lots of themes that would provide material for classroom Beka Lamb tells the story of a few months in the life of a fourteen-year-old girl — Beka — and her slightly older friend Toycie, who both attend a convent school in Belize. Saturday, pay day for many families, was the biggest marketing, house-cleaning, and cooking day of the week. But the intense activity, and the smells of what was to come on Sunday noon, assuaged the need for bigger meals.

In the houses of even the poorest, at the very least red kidney beans and bits of salty pigtails stewed on outdoor fire hearths waiting for the addition of raw rice, assiduously picked over for stones, and washed several times until the water ran clear. And in the houses of those that could better afford it, chickens, pork, or beef roasted in ovens; great pots of grey-black relleno soup thickened on stoves with a dozen hard-boild eggs per pot bobbing up and down like dumplings, and the corn mills of the town ground busily in preparation for the mounds of tortillas that would be needed the following day.

Seafood and groundfood were rarely cooked on Sundays: fish, crayfish, conch, yams, cocoa, sweet potatoes, breadfruit and the like were everyday fare. I enjoyed all the descriptive stuff, found the story engaging, and learn at least slightly more about Belize than I knew before.

She lied about alot of stuff. She lied about not failing in some of her classes because she did not want her father to sending her to school. Her friend Toycie died and after her death Beka lived her life in honors of Toycie. It started when she won a essay contest. And Beka Beka changed from someone with low confidents to a high minded person.

Death was one of the themes in the story.


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