About this title Biogeography, first published in , is one of the most comprehensive text and general reference books in the field. The Fourth Edition builds on the strengths of previous editions, combining evolutionary and ecological perspectives to show how Earth history, contemporary environments, and evolutionary and ecological processes have shaped species distributions and nearly all patterns of biodiversity. It is an empirically and conceptually rich text that illustrates general patterns and processes using examples from a diversity of plants and animals across the Earth s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Biogeography, Fourth Edition is written as a primary text for undergraduate and graduate courses, and is also an invaluable reference for biogeographers, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and conservation biologists. Starting from simple facts and principles and assuming only a rudimentary knowledge of biology, geography, and Earth history, the text explains the relationships between geographic variation in biodiversity and the geological, ecological, and evolutionary processes that have produced them. Written in an engaging style, Biogeography emphasizes the interplay between unifying concepts and presents evidence that supports or challenges these concepts.

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Teaching I thoroughly enjoy teaching a variety of courses, and advising and interacting with students interested in the ecology, evolution, geography and conservation of nature.

My research combines empirical and theoretical approaches across a broad range of scales to explore patterns in the geography of life and develop effective strategies for conserving biological diversity and the geographic context of nature.

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