Jujinn The Programme included agreements about standards on material, energy, appearance, etc. The temporary exhibition B A temporary exhibition area where the theme is discussed with the emphasis on the visionary. This contract contains the following key aspects: Bo01 will show provocatively imaginative visions of no01 living, where high demands on aesthetics, ecology and high technology are combined with placing man in the centre. Apply as a community contact. The project is also supported by the European Commission.

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The City of Tomorrow in the ecologically sustainableinformation and welfare society will be demonstrated and discusseduntil 16 September. The aim is to create a debate centred aroundhow we live today and how we will live in the future.

Bo01 willshow provocatively imaginative visions of future living, where highdemands on aesthetics, ecology and high technology are combinedwith placing man in the centre. We are going to do this is twodifferent locations: The permanent Settlement A The residential area, a newly built permanent city district with mixedbuildings, encompassing both commercial and social services togetherwith about housing units.

Bo01 demonstrates how intelligentlyutilised information technology, dignified welfare solutions andpleasurable, sensual beauty can make the sustainable city so attractivethat it will be chosen in our time. The temporary exhibition B A temporary exhibition area where the theme is discussed with theemphasis on the visionary. Our ambition is that both the above parts should together form awhole, an attraction of international class. Architects, artists, designersand technicians at national and international levels are helping us torealise this ambition.

Bo01 is expected to attract at least one millionvisitors. Bo01 is supported by the Swedish Gouvernment and the European Commission. Thereis nothing intrinsically surprising about the great interest aroused bygardens, but previous housing exhibitions have never put the gardenvery high on their list of priorities or done very much to market it.

Withfew exceptions, courtyards, parks, streets and piazzas have barely beencompleted. This is why Bo01, for the first time ever, is putting greenissues at the centre of attention. We are adopting a holistic approach tothe subject, both large and small scale and in both the permanent andtemporary parts of the exhibition. Here Bo01 will instance what can be achieved ina newly constructed urban environment with ecological, aestheticand functional inflections. Parks, waterfront promenades, streets andpiazzas and exciting courtyards will be created with a very high levelof aspiration.

This Willow wood, the first thing which the visitor encounters onarrival at Bo01, is intended as an appetiser for the temporary greenprojects, all of which interact with the wood and, hopefully, will arousewidespread attention. The main Bo01 entrance is located in thetemporary exhibition area, and this is devoted to a discussion of theBo01 theme, with special emphasis on the visionary.

Garden, park andnature are an important part of our housing conditions, and so in thispart of the exhibition we want to present green projects which cantrigger discussions concerning the importance of the garden to peopleof tomorrow. The housing exhibition gives promises for tomorrows way ofliving with man in focus. Bo01 also highlights some young swedish and danish architects.

The housing area consists of dwellings in a very varied design. From one and a half storeys to the height of six storeys. Higher blockstowards the keyside and lower in the area in between. Just to make theinner part of the housing area more comfortable and cozy and shelteredfrom the strong winds from the sea.

The great number of inspiring dwellings are created by internationally wellknown designers. The project is also supported by the European Commission.


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It is perfectly situated along the straights separating Sweden from Denmark and linking the North Sea to the Baltic. Bo01 represents the first step in the process of transforming the hectares of industrial estate and port. When completed, the area will offer homes to 30, people. Large numbers of trees, creeper plants, ponds and green roofs mean that every garden is home to at least 50 varieties of plants and offers food for birds. The public spaces, most of which are closed to cars, provide a range of opportunities for cycling or walking along its pleasant routes. The area is characterised by its use of recycled water, raw materials and waste, and its use of natural resources such as sun and wind energy.



A primary thesis at work here is that the sustainable city must be an attractive one, and so a good amount of attention is given to the architecture and design. While about new apartments are to be built for the Bo01 exhibition phase, eventually there are to be about new housing units here on the 30 hectare site, complemented by places of work, restaurants, cafes, day care centers and schools, libraries and other services. Altogether Bo01 is intended to eventually have the character of a city on the water, with canals, recreational harbors, docks and waterfront promenades. The buildings will typically be between three and six stories in height, while an accent is set with the one high-rise structure of 25 stories, which will contain apartments, offices and businesses. Images will be presented of the future of sustainable living and construction. With the assistance of art and technology, these exhibitions are to focus on major questions of urban lifestyles, and how situations may change or be changed in the future. Secret Gardens Leading Swedish and international landscape architects, garden designers and artists will interpret Tomorrow in the Gardens of the Future.

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