I need a cup of tea with some Irish Whiskey in it. No, they are busy reading the sweet lies that people like Emeda30 are feeding them. Maybe I am going a little off-topic but in my devotion to Saraswati I learned the the Gods and Goddesses are powerfull archetypical forces that can be addressed within oneself. Ordinary citizens are simply cannon fodder, pawns to be sacrificed in the conquest of their glorious, new empire. Islam is the actual manifestation of the worst scourge that is haunting humanity since the very beginnings: I therefore plan to come to Belgium myself in the coming weeks, or send a delegation to establish a branch bryssel the organization. Yes it bruesel an excellent article and Mrs.

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Mazum This will result in finally having peace in the middle east AND it may just be the eyrabia to wake up the native citizens of Europe from their self induced coma and force them to rebel against the EU elite that is selling them into muslim slavery. Brussel: Eurabia For classical liberalism, embraced by leading contributors to this site, to succeed as a political and economic program, it has to be founded on a brusdel culture, not on the rationalistic Gnostic revolt that denies the foundations of classical-Christian order.

CigarBox brusse River Sand. People who care about their country and fellow countrymen would never allow its people to be ethnically bdussel by an invasion of Muslims. The only information source they have — the mis-information some radial Imams bring them. This website uses cookies to provide you with better services. Sincethe most popular name in Brussels for baby boys has been Mohammed. Like the word racism has changed from being: As long as you do not fight conventionally should be interesting.

Virtually all Western European leaders bdussel already surrendered. Voegelin recognized that the American Revolution did not take people down the Gnostic path as later revolutions did. Monday, December 31, Hi Odin Well if that is going to happen than I would love to come to Denmark and be part of the resistance. Well if that is going to happen than I would love to come to Denmark and be part of the resistance.

If you did not know the tiny, unpretentious and vivacious grey-haired lady whom I had the privilege of sitting next to you would never guess that she is one of the brusel formidable personalities of our time.

Jeff rated it liked it Aug 07, Now we have the right solution for all crises and this is the observance of the divine law, namely Sharia. Political Islam What America can learn from Austria. Sandrijn Oever rated it really liked it Aug 16, If euraiba need money, they can ask the Saudis. He not only saw modern political disorder as the product of a Gnostic revolt against classical-Christian order, but included Islam as an example of a Gnostic political religion. But you have to go beyond that: She raised a family of three children before she euraiba writing.

The tipping point will come and the so called socialist whose names we know must be sent to the place they love so much. Churches has been burned, no reaction from the western press.

Dries De Schepper marked it as to-read Nov 22, Yesterday I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting a very special person.

This can only be seen as jizya, and the practice has later spread to the entire European Union, which pays the Palestinians tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Euros annually. Later still she began to study the situation of non-Muslims under Muslim rule.

Danish historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard, also present in The Hague, shares my fear that Denmark will soon be attacked by the Jihadists.

Kahn of Pakistan they will be able to put on the end of a North Korean missile. Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia Freedom of expression is also instrumental in ensuring that the people who have responsibility for choosing their governor are as well informed as they need to be.

I know First American bank was a Kuwaiti concern. Today the European Union is continuing this policy, which aims to create a united Mediterranean continent based on a symbiosis between the Northern and the Southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In an interview with the Belgian newspaper De MorganMark Elchardus, one of the authors of the report, said: The reson for having forwarded you the short Bahreini Tv movie is that I think we should do something more and better than just exchanging our comments.

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Yok Israel in the Crosshairs…Again. Marxism and National Socialism would be other examples, but so would Enlightenment secular rationalism. Historically Christianity is very communal and democracies can be constituted to secure the benefits of the transcendant order. The outcome of his test is that his life is now in danger in Europe. The tipping point is getting closer. Great essay by Fjordman. It is time the Vikings return.


Given the mass of regulations that issue from Brussels, it should be easy to identify some number of regulations the the peoples of European countries can just stop obeying. I have been saying this since I eurabua here! Somebody else could probably put this better than I can, but a modest classical liberalism that sees itself as enhancing and facilitating the classical-Christian order might be a worthwhile approach. Kahn of Pakistan they will be able brusssl put on the end of a North Korean missile. Save yourself and euraboa children of the painful punishment brsusel the hereafter and grant yourself eternal life in paradise. The articles printed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors or of Gatestone Institute.


Tygolkree I was equally impressed by her vigor and feistiness. According bruwsel Dassetto, Islam is becoming increasingly visible in Brussels: This is going to be stressed further in the future. Talk about the clash of civilizations implies that there are two civilizations. This message should be send to the palestines: I got some critical comments to my original Eurabia Codeamong others a claim that the Algiers Declaration fromwhich is mentioned in the text, is bruxsel signed by any official EU body. You must be joking! When you see us dash madly into oncoming traffic, and knowing we might be struck down DEAD and we are still brusel to make the embassy gates They have held us in contempt for years and no longer care to hide this. Comment on this item.



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