Republic of Malta Who is Burt Harding? Burt Harding was born in the island of Malta from an Italian family and moved to Canada at a young age. He attended Berkley University and got a degree in psychology; however, his main interest has always been metaphysics and spirituality, but it was only after that he realized his path was meant to be different. I was unhappy and it felt that it was an approach without integrity. One morning while on the way to work, Ramana Maharshi appeared to me in a very strong vision and his radiant face and eyes spoke of great love. After this connection he disappeared in an instant like a puff of smoke.

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His early years were filled with experience that included war, sexual assault, attempted suicide, physical wealth, poverty and divorces. In his early twenties he moved to Toronto, Canada. There, he worked as a physical education teacher and later on as a physiotherapist until, according to him, Ramana Maharshi appeared to him in a vision in , which changed the course of his life completely. He has been doing extensive explorations in the field of higher consciousness for over thirty years. He offered classes in a Course in Miracles.

His hypnotherapy sessions changed to Supersentience sessions after what he describes as a light-experience in He founded the Awareness Foundation in Vancouver that provides satsangs and other activities.

In this way, one comes to recognize what he has always known but did not live from the beauty and wonder of his own true essence.

His instructions: 1. Become aware of how you manipulate love in daily life to get what you want. Recognize that love is your every need and want. It is also your biggest fear. When you recognize that love is all you want and need, you will come to trust it.

When you trust love, devotion awakens. Locations Burt Harding gives satsangs in Canada.


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Talk to Burt About Burt Burt Harding, founder of the Awareness Foundation in Vancouver, offers a radical invitation to recognize the truth of our being as already whole and fulfilled. He reminds us of the love we really are beyond the personal stories we carry. In this way, we come to recognize what we have always known but did not live from - the beauty and wonder of our own true essence. Burt conducts sessions and workshops in Supersentience, a system devised to help heal deep wounds and promote a shift in the perception of who we really are. Lineage Burt started teaching after an experience with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, who appeared to him in while he was living in Toronto, Ontario. As a result of this experience, he acquired the sure knowledge that the only reality lies in the present moment, the Now, and that everything else is just an illusion. His spiritual search ended in that realization.


Burt Harding




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