The publisher of this book allows a portion of the content to be printed. This title is not available in your country. Additional Book Details This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. For courses in business communication. Technology and communication intersect to prepare students for the workplace Business Communication Today continues to demonstrate the vital connection between recent technological developments and modern business practices. Each new edition addresses the most essential changes in technology and how they impact the business world, while still covering timeless communication skills such as listening, presenting, and writing.

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The process is thoroughly integrated and applied throughout the text. Full-chapter coverage. See the annotated Contents in this preface for more details.

In-text discussion. The text includes extensive coverage of e-mail, voice mail, faxes, communication software, the Internet, chat, instant messaging, multimedia, and more. Special boxes highlight how to use technology in business communication to achieve a competitive advantage.

Focus on e-business. Chapter vignettes, In-Depth Critiques, photos, and letter-, memo-, and report-writing and e-mail cases feature communication challenges students are likely to encounter in the world of e-business.

Internet resources. Internet exercises tied to the book. Grammar diagnostic tests. The tests cover a variety of topics, including spelling, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, capitalization, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, clarity, style, proofreading, and more. For faculty, downloadable supplements are included. Online course resources. We personally introduce each chapter with a video presentation. Students learn about three key concepts and practice applying them with interactive exercises.

Each chapter has one individual challenge and one team challenge. These challenges are exclusive to Business Communication Today, providing a dimension of reality unmatched by any other textbook in the field. All internal company information was gathered through personal interviews with our business associates, friends, and contacts, and it gives Business Communication Today the real-world applications for which students are so eager. This feature helps students strengthen their career skills by exploring such topics as Ordinary or Extraordinary?

As described in the SCANS report from the Department of Labor, it is essential that students meet national standards of academic and occupational skill.

To help accomplish the SCANS goal, this text offers a wide variety of interactive pedagogy much of which is grounded in real-world situations. These checklists are reminders, not "recipes. All In-Depth Critiques are introduced in the text identifying the particular business situation being illustrated and are accompanied by focused comments that point to specific sections to help students see precisely how to apply the principles being discussed. Many samples are also accompanied by a three-step-writing-process graphic that gives students important insights into planning, writing, and completing the specific document shown.

Additional documents are displayed within the text, many including poor and improved examples, to illustrate common errors and effective techniques for correcting them. Documents include letters, memos, e-mail messages, a letter of application, and a resume. Hands-on experience in analyzing and improving sample documents will help students revise their own business messages. EXERCISES With the dozens of new exercises and cases almost all companies featured are real , we have placed an even greater emphasis in this edition on providing practical assignments like those that students will most often face at work.

Many of them are memo-writing and e-mail tasks. New in the seventh edition, each exercise is labeled as to its type, such as "Team," "Ethical Choices," "Self-Assessment," or "Internet. Examples include: Got It Covered? Each chapter also includes exercises and cases that require access to the World Wide Web, giving students practice with this fast-growing communication technology.

In addition, the numbered objectives reappear in the text margins, close to the relevant material. Finally, the end-of chapter "Summary of Learning Objectives" reinforces basic concepts by capsulizing chapter highlights for students. Test Your Knowledge review questions Apply Your Knowledge application questions The end-of-chapter questions are designed to get students thinking about the concepts introduced in each chapter.

The questions may also prompt students to stretch their learning beyond the chapter content. These notes are no substitute for reading the chapters, but they can help students quickly get the gist of a section, review a chapter, and locate areas of greatest concern.

So in addition to covering all the traditional subjects, Business Communication Today, Seventh Edition, provides material to help students manage these important current issues in business communication: Ethics. Taking an ethical position in the face of pressures and temptations requires more than courage-it requires strong communication skills. Communication Barriers. The shift toward a service economy means that more and more careers will depend on interpersonal skills, making it vital for people to overcome communication barriers.

Cultural Diversity. The changing nature of the domestic workforce requires strong communication skills to relate to workers of various ages, genders, socioeconomic status, ethnic backgrounds, and so on. Also, strong skills are needed to communicate effectively with people from other countries. Communication Technology. More and more face-to-face interactions are giving way to interactions with and through computers. And this trend will continue. The increasing tendency of people to sue makes it important to understand the legal implications of written and oral communication.

Employment Search. More and more people are making radical mid-career job changes, whether by choice or because their companies are downsizing and flattening hierarchies. Communication Versatility. Small businesses create most of the new jobs and employ more people than large corporations do. Because these businesses are unable to support communication specialists for specific jobs, people working for them need to be versatile in their communication skills.

Among its many teaching aids, this manual provides a section about collaborative writing, suggested solutions to exercises, suggested solutions and fully formatted letters for every case in the letter-writing chapters, and a grammar pretest and posttest.

This comprehensive manual contains a set of completely integrated support materials. It is designed to assist instructors in quickly finding and assembling the resources available for each chapter of the text and includes the following new material: Course planning guide Diagnostic tests of English skills Changes to the new edition Chapter outline Answers to all end-of-chapter questions and assignments Solutions to all cases and exercises TEST ITEM FILE The Test Item File contains approximately 1, questions, all of which have been carefully reviewed to provide a fair, structured program of evaluation.

The Computerized Test Manager allows you to generate random tests with the extensive bank of questions. You can create an exam, administer it traditionally or online, and analyze your success with the simple click of the mouse.

All you need to do is call the Testing Help Desk to have a customized test created. The test can then be delivered by e-mail, U. These visuals help bring concepts alive in the classroom and provide a starting point for discussing communication techniques. Many contrast poor and improved solutions to featured cases from the textbook. It comes in two versions: Instructor version: an enhanced PowerPoint package for instructors to use for class, with colorful text-specific electronic slides that highlight and reinforce important concepts in the text.

Student version: a special PowerPoint version for students to use for review purposes, or which can be conveniently printed three to a page for in-class note taking. The guide provides chapter-by-chapter explanations and exercises designed to reinforce comprehension of key terms and concepts and to promote concept-application skills.

Depth is added to the outline with a video introduction by the authors and with interactive elements and exercises to reinforce learning. To receive a complimentary subscription, send an e-mail to bovee leadingtexts.

That means providing you with textbooks that are academically sound, creative, timely, and sensitive to instructor and student needs.

You can also access the hotline at www. The website features one-click access to all of the resources created by an award-winning team of educators. Here is a preview of its exciting features.

Unite all of your texts with this personal access page. Add personal notes to website resources for personal reminders and references. Study guide. Test your knowledge with the interactive study guide that offers a wide variety of self-assessment questions for every chapter. Results from the automatically graded questions provide immediate feedback that can serve as practice or be e-mailed to the instructor for extra credit.

Student resources. Access the websites featured in this text by using the hotlinks provided and updated by the authors of this text, review chapter content by viewing the student version of the PowerPoint slides, see videos, or use the special materials developed for this course.

New Internet exercises, in addition to those offered in the text, have been created by the website team of professors and are continually being added to the website.

Research area. Save time finding the most valuable and relevant material available on the web. The research area provides a resource library that includes links to tutorials, virtual libraries, Internet resources, and more. Each link is annotated to expedite your research. Talk to the Tutor. Take advantage of the virtual office hours that allow you to post questions from any supported discipline and receive responses from the dedicated website faculty team.

Writing Resources Center. Career Resource Center. Get career information, view sample resumes, even apply for jobs online. Business Headlines. Syllabus manager. Follow the easy steps for creating and revising a syllabus, with direct links to companion websites and other online content. Changes you make to your syllabus are immediately available to your students at their next login.

Send messages to individual students or to all students linked to a course. Faculty resources. Take advantage of the teaching tips, techniques, academic papers, and sample syllabuses contributed by professors throughout the world.

Get one-click access to all newly posted website resources. Talk to the Team. Participate in a moderated faulty chat room.


Business Communication Today, 12th Edition



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