Goltikasa A relative who came to call in December shortly after the publication of Moby-Dick reported her conversation chares Melville to Duyckinck in New York: He hates him That would upon the rack of this tough world Stretch him out longer. His omnipresence, our divine equality! The sense of life and death that Melville forfeited is one the experience of space gives. He knew the cost if he let his imagination loose. All he has left in is the shell of his own faith: Whaling expanded at a time when agriculture not industry was the base of labor and when foreign not do- mestic commerce was the base of trade. Kerosene, pe- troleum, and paraffin began rapidly to replace whale oil, sperm oil, and spermaceti wax as illuminating oil, lubri- cants, and raw materials for candles.

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May 27, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing "As the strongest literary force Shakespeare caused Melville to approach tragedy in terms of drama. As the strongest social force America caused him to approach tragedy in terms of democracy. It was not difficult for Melville to reconcile the two.

Because of his perception of America: Ahab. It has to do with size and how you value it. Its easy. Turns out paper cups, lies flat on the brush. Without considering purpose. Easy too. Or you can take an attitude, the creative vantage. It involves a first act of physics.

You get approximate results. Melville did his job. He calculated, and cast Ahab. BIG, first of all. SPEED: of the brain. COST: the people, the crew.

The Crew is where what America stands for got into Moby-Dick. I spell it large because it comes large here. Like Ahab, American, one aim: lordship over nature. He got all balled up with Christ. Half horse half alligator. He was bound to. Though more to do with Olson than Melville! It reminds me some of D. Melville, writes Olson, "denied himself in Christianity. It is space and its feeding on man, that is the essence of his vision, bred in him here in America, and it is time which is at the heart of Christianity.

What the Pacific had confirmed for him he allowed Christ to undo.


Charles Olson: Call Me Ishmael



Call Me Ishmael


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Call me Ishmael.


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