Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Always tighten securely, but do not over-tighten the clamps. Where has your bike taken you today? Ask your Cannondale Dealer to help you develop a complete fork maintenance program, one that suits where and how you ride. That pro stickers on the bike? Lyne Components launches The Holy Rail on-bike storage system.

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The red rebound dial 1 is in the down position. To go to the locked position, press the blue button 2. The red rebound dial is up. To go back to the open position, press the red redound dial down until it clicks. The following procedure should only be completed by a professional bike mechanic. Before installation, make sure all part surfaces are clean. Apply a high-quality bicycle bearing grease to the surfaces indicated. See shaded areas in illustration, next page.

Make sure both upper and lower head tube bearings are fully seated in the headtube. This step draws the stem and spacer stack to the upper clamp. When tightened, align the stem and only hand tighten the upper clamp bolt. Re-tighten the steerer to 12 Nm, ensuring the stem and Lefty do not move relative to each other.

Then, hand tighten the lower clamp bolt. Finish by tightening both the upper and lower Lefty clamp bolts to the final torque of 7 - 9 Nm. Install the upper bearing seal onto the upper headtube bearing. The open side of the seal faces the bearing. Position the Lefty onto the headtube by sliding the Lefty clamps over the head tube and seal.

Slide the nylon washer onto the OPI stem with rounded side facing the shoulder of the stem. Apply grease to fully cover stem bearing surface and the internal steerer threads.

Also apply grease to the inner race of the upper and lower headtube bearings. Slide the desired number of spacers onto the stem.

You may use spacers onto the OPI stem. Use only OPI spacers. See the warning below. With a soft mallet, carefully drive stem straight down until fully seated. Next, install the nylon washer onto steerer with the rounded side of the washer facing the steerer bottom flange.

Grease entire steerer lower bearing surface and the steerer threads. Insert steerer into bearing and carefully hand thread into stem.

Do not use a tool. Continue hand threading until the steerer 10 Apply Loctite and tighten the handlebar clamp bolts evenly and equally in a cross pattern to 6 Nm. Installing extra or different spacers will result in inadequate thread engagement between the stem and steerer resulting in serious damage. Do not exceed 9 Nm. Over-tightening can damage the OPI steerer parts.

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