Calles adelante la subieron a una Van sin ventanillas y la taparon con una cobija. Yo vengo de familia de trabajo. Es simplemente que tenemos a su hija. Entre ellos, que un piso era de azulejo azul. No voy a permitir que nadie te toque. Su hija quiere vivir, no tenemos nosotros el derecho de quitar la vida a una criatura que empieza.

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En Portada I knew they had found the card in my department. He realized he was in a world where I had nothing to do. I think Sebastien, in children. Margolis was laughingbut we knew if it was so incredible the lie or felt it could not play. Your rescue team worked with agents kidnapped the agency. The other had money and it seemed that the two believe in your business.

The sentence and a possible extradition to her home country has created diplomatic tensions expeviente France and Mexico. Their services are offered primarily to the Jewish community in Polanco. Later, they closed the business of my brother. In Mexico, everyone knows that there are police who are complicit in the gang for drug trafficking and kidnappings. Many people grumpy haunted him and that gave a smugly boasting that he fed, if necessary, to enjoy the favors florencr men of power.

Even we expeddiente surprised when they told us that they kidnap to run their businesses. In fact, these and Margolis are shareholders of CV Direct from Mexico, dedicated to selling products on television. One day in December, received a call Lolany Margolis, who threatened to kill and to kidnap two children at that time had four to casez years.

According to the statement of Florence Cassez after being arrestedcassezz was through his brother Sebastianwho had some years living in Mexico, how she met Israel Vallarta; The caos accusations against Israel Vallarta say is leader of a gang of kidnappers.

Sued, but the case never went forward. Instead, he pressed my brother to sign without any compensation, and Sebastien ended like a bad movie: Had ambiguous relationships with the police, and showed it. Sebastien Cassez Margolis was a partner in business Radiancy Sauna Italia Mexico and Mexico, dedicated to selling beauty products and equipment. A few months later, he even said that his file was lost. Too much violence, too much corruption.

It is not uncommon. Instead, the lawsuit it filed against him for theft Margolis and breach of trust was never lost. False witnesses told fanciful stories, submitted false invoices and police carried out investigations totally illegal.

A reliable source would be dangerous identify Margolis found that was really a sort of chief of security for the Jewish community in Mexico. All this was for reasons of revenge, extortion and false witness against Florence Cassez. The French courts want to take Genaro Garcia Luna to the International Court by the falsification of arrest from TV against the French and by the false witnesses that they used.

The kidnappers in Mexico are not guys with no money or single gang in the street. Three kidnapped victims were freed and four persons including Cassez arrested.

He said that the prosecution had changed, he had to start from scratch. TOP Related Posts.


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