We recommend this book and suggest ordering a copy from Amazon or whichever bookstore you use today. Like most SNG Tournament Strategies Collin Moshman divides his ideas up into the early, middle and late games based on blind levels — with a separate section for in the money play and career play too. Chips are more useful in the mid to end stages of SNG tournaments and Moshman advises extreme caution early to preserve them. While this is opponent dependant, there will be numerous situations in which no player has much of a hand either before the flop or afterwards. Players can take advantage by raising those solid hands which would have been folded in the earlier portion of the game.

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These games have grown from being standard 1-table formats to a whole genre of their own — with a huge number of sizes, structures and game variations to choose from. Sit N Goes are now both a means to an end and an entertaining way to enjoy poker. What I recommend readers do is to use these to build their poker funds, then use your skills and money to take a shot at multi-table tournaments — where the potential for a huge payout exists — or even cash games.

Here are some of the key types of Sit N Go games to look out for. Nowadays you can choose from several different speeds and game variations. MTT Sit N Goes: These range from 12 players 2x 6-max tables through to 20 tables and players — at which the line between Sit N Go and tournament strategy becomes blurred.

Popular variations include 18 players and 45 players, with 90 player games also gaining in popularity. Again the speed of these games varies. With DoN SNGs you are rewarded only for surviving, as it does not matter whether you have 10k chips or 1 chip when the 6th player is eliminated. PokerStars run Fifty50 games instead, which split half of the prize pool based on chips and the other half for suriving. Titan Poker is the place to head for these games, I should warn that the fee is higher — the extra fee is what keeps the jackpots growing.

Great for building experience, these games often have exit points where you can swap your Steps ticket for entry into a big multi-table tournament — even the Sunday Million!

Getting to the top of the ladder, which varies from site to site, will usually land you a huge prize. Knockout Bounty SNGs: Here the prize pool is divided between the last finishing positions and a bounty on each players head. You knock out a player to win their bounty. Great for getting a ton of volume into a short space of time. Satellite Qualifiers: Games which offer seats in big events or sub-qualifiers are a category all of their own, you will need to adjust your strategy at the bubble in these games.

Lottery Sit N Goes: These games have a random prize pool, which is usually between 2x and x the initial buy-in. Most are 3 handed, with super-turbo structures, averaging less than 10 minutes to play. The incentive of a huge win attracts recreational players — making the action crazy at times. Looking for the best way to get started? Click here for a preview! While this may not be the most glamorous area of poker, there is plenty of money to be made for players willing to learn the unique strategy and just a little of the math which applies to these games.

You can use these easy-to-beat games to build your bankroll, then use that money to take a shot with cash games or tournaments. With Steps, knockouts and satellite qualifiers on top the choice becomes even wider than before. I have detailed the clear-rates and bonus amounts from all the major sites here. Sit and Go Planet.


Collin Moshman - Sit'n Go Strategy

Tygojora Thanks for telling us about the problem. SNG Bubble concepts mohman equity are simple to understand in terms of one player not wanting to bust out while there is a micro-stack at the table. Jason rated it liked it Sep 20, Page 1 of 3. Bad username or password Sign in.





Sit and Go Poker Tournaments - Your Guide to Online SNG Tournament Strategy


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