Players everywhere are facing increasing competition, declining revenues, surging regulatory costs, spiking loan losses, and rising capital requirements. But not everyone is being dragged down. Despite these regional differences, it is noteworthy that top-performing corporate banking divisions delivered shareholder value in every segment and region, from small businesses in Asia to large corporations in Europe. The corporate banking sector encompasses diverse segments within and across regions, each with varying business and economic dynamics.

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Mazumuro According to the report, Cambodian banking institutions managed to maintain profitability, with overall return on assets ROA at around 1.

An emerging negative trend in was an increase in the rate of non-performing loans NPL that grew from 1. However, despite strong growth last year, some industry insiders predicted that the Cambodian financial sector — and the microfinance sector in particular — could see a noticeable slowdown this year due to the recently implemented 18 percent interest rate cap on all new and restructured microfinance loans that began on April 1.

Annual report — Chapter 1: Developments in the sector of authorised securitisation undertakings 2. Annual report — Chapter 9: Europe is ready to take action and restore trust. Higgins expected that growth rates in Cambodia for will be broadly in line with or slightly lower thanthough it would still be one of the best performers in the region. Developments in the banking sector in 2. Internal organisation of the CSSF 1. We will not update this account.

Annual report — Chapter 6: Reports related to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Annual report — Appendices 1. Thu, 20 April Developments in the regulatory framework 9.

The financial centre in figures 3. Annual reports Annual report — Chapter 5: Supervision of pension funds 1. President George Bush took the unprecedented step of addressing the meeting of the G20, which includes the G7 and a number of key developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. Supervision of information systems 1. Laws passed in In Channy, president and CEO of Acleda Bank, said that the increase in NPL rates needed to be addressed by lenders, while he maintained that the situation was currently not a major concern.

Daluch introduced his ride-hailing service at a time when Cambodians. Co-operation within European institutions 3. Management companies and self-managed investment companies 8. Annual report — Chapter 7: To be kept informed about our latest news, please subscribe here. Prudential supervisory practice 3. The CSSF in figures 2. Major events in 2. About Legal disclaimer Privacy Policy.

Directives adopted by the Council and the European Parliament but not yet implemented under national law 3. Supervision of undertakings for collective investment 1. Supervision of securitisation undertakings 1.

Specialised investment funds SIFs 5. Related Posts.



Newly created entities approved in 3. The rate of credit growth in the microfinance sector declined to just 4. To be kept informed about our latest news, please subscribe here. Show 25 25 50 All. Banking shows steady growth, Business, Phnom Penh Post An emerging negative trend in was an increase in the rate of non-performing loans NPL that grew from 1.


Global Corporate Banking 2016: The Next-Generation Corporate Bank






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