All Rights Reserved. References to the worksof H. Lovecraft are from and remain in the public domain. Printed in Thailand. It is a work of fiction intended as entertainment. Everything containedwithin is a product of imagination.

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All Rights Reserved. References to the worksof H. Lovecraft are from and remain in the public domain. Printed in Thailand. It is a work of fiction intended as entertainment. Everything containedwithin is a product of imagination. None of it is real. This book uses the supernatural for settings, characters, and themes. All mystical and supernaturalelements are fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only.

For Mature Audiences OnlyThis book is intended for mature readers. It contains dark and disturbing content and images. Reader discretion is advised. Tableof Contents FictioN Another Day at the Office Chapter One Welcome Chapter Two Combatives Chapter Three Alternative Egos Characters Chapter Four Once in a Lifetime Chapter Five Sweet Dreams Chapter Six Arcane Expanded Magic FictioN Friends Like Steve Chapter Eight Further Unspeakableness Monsters FictioN Shades of Gray Chapter Nine New Paths Storyguide FictioN Remember the Arizona Chapter Ten Slaves and the Lost Stories Chapter Eleven Appendices Jada was barely in the car before Sara gunnedit.

A beautiful Chinese woman with platinumblonde hair, she looked over and smirked. Your hair perfect? Turncoat withevidence. Bobby and Delia Farrah are movingsomething big tonight. A brilliantcrescent moon hungin the fake arcologysky, while an equallyfake cool breezeblew through the clearnight.

And there itwas. Jada took it in. Good wineselection. They recommendedthe salmon. Weshould check it out. Between hisfocus and the crazy waythat Sara pulled intoan alley, it passedright by Jada.

The living room furniture hadall been pushed to the side to make way formonitors, computers, and communications equipment. The conservative middle-class family thatactually lived there had been corraled in thekitchen.

The thirty-something parents looked alittle nervous and upset, but had that look ofresignation that they all got in situationslike this. The kid sat playing a video game, notthe slightest bit bothered. And at the helm, barking orders, stood a ruggedmarine, just a little over-muscled, with atouch of gray at his temples.

Dane Barris, thealpha dog who kept these madmen in line. The Nazzadiscanned over the surveillance monitors. The civilians exited quickly, but with a quietgrace that spoke to the frequency with whichthings like this happened.

First Sergeant Amy Lawson waved the marinesinto position. Sakimoto could be called nothing less thanstriking. Of Japanese heritage, she wore herwaist-length hair pulled back and held in placewith ornate sticks. She sat with a grace thatbarely ruffled her expensive black suit. A shortskirt barely covered her long, thick, muscularlegs, as she crossed her legs and kicked gently out with one of her designer shoes.

A smile that was wide, malicious, andpredatory. Across the large glass private dining table satDelia Farrah, looking new money in her tootightwhite button-up. He lookedlike a dock-worker trying to play banker.

Moving with him were two Nazzadi,one male, one female, both heavily scarred andtattoed. They looked tough as nails, but onecould only suspect that they lacked the samesocial graces as their employers. Holland lookedlike a hungry young executive, with the slickedback hair and fancy watch to match. Liky waspractically a female jet black-skinned clone ofHolland. In the back, a small pale man fidgeted,his gaze constantly jumping from one thing tothe next like he had a severe case of ADD.

Sakimoto reached under the table. Bobbywaved down his muscle, who already had theirhands on their guns. Sakimoto gently placedthe case on the table and slid it over to Delia,who wasted no time opening it. Stacks of hardTerranotes filled the case. The strange mancocked his head and walked deliberately over. He put his ear to the door and listened carefullyfor a moment before quietly opening it. Holland and Ms.

Liky deftly pulled 10 mmpistols out from inside their tailored jackets,focused on Gershwin. Bobbystepped between them, trying to wave everyonedown. Hecreeped to the end of the hall, his head cockedlike an animal listening for something no oneelse could hear. Not more than fifteen feet away, a squad of marinessilently waited in position, around thecorner and out of sight. Gershwin reach the endof the hall and in one swift motion poked hishead around, looked around once, and turnedback to run back down the hall.

But SergeantLawson had caught him in the act. Crusaders, warm up. Looked likethey were going to need them. As he turned from the door,something alien crept into his face. The firsthints of segments grew in his eyes and sharpprotrusions slid out from inside his cheeks. Sakimoto stood up. She knew. His eyes grew wideand he involuntarily recoiled a step. The woman slumped to the floor in a crimsonspray.

Bobby backpedaledas best he could, slamming into a wall only feetbehind him. Their eyes wentblack and seemed to grow in their sockets, whiletheir teeth grew into a solid, serrated edge,their arms grew longer, and they moved as iftheir bones were flexible.

The way he would put it later is that itsounded like things that should not be speakingwere. The door in front of the first squad disintegratedin a cloud of splinters and dust. Gunfireerupted from the speakers, shortly followedby screams as freakish shadows cut downthe marines.

Inhuman buzzes and growls addedto the din. Crusaders, move! Yet Jadaand Sara were greeted by a restaurant of deadmen, or men too scared to come out of hiding. No way.

Jada was back in an instant and chasingafter it. Immediately taking aim withher rifle, she looked down to find a badlysavaged marine gurgling blood. Command, we needmedical in here, stat! It was fast.

Just like inthe movies, it knocked pots and pans and racksover in its wake to slow the Nazzadi down. Finally clambering over the obstacles, Jadaburst through the door into the alley. It waspoorly lit, the industrial bulbs creating aseries of orange pools with long shadows inwhich to hide. In one of those pools was thesniper covering this door, face down in a pool of his own blood.

It looked like somethingthrew him off his perch. And into a very near orange pool calmlystepped Holland.


CthulhuTech - Vade Mecum.pdf

Kigasida Double the effects of Compound Fracture or, -4 Agility in situations where full use of your missing arm is needed. These Test Penalties are cumulative as fuck. The Sleaze Division keeps an eye on Undage, but not too serious an eye because of his high profile in the world of adult entertainment. Storyguides, seriously assess whether or not a Zoner is going to work in your story. Welcome to messing with the big boys as law enforcement in CthulhuTech.


An unusual feature is the selection of numbers from the d10 rolls — a player can pick a single highest number, all like numbers, or straights of consecutive numbers, and use these to generate the result. The result is then added to a "base" consisting of a related attribute score bought by the player at character creation. Players build characters using points to buy six attributes, Strength, Agility, Perception, Intellect, Tenacity, and Presence, which are used for attribute tests and serve as the base to which roll results for skills are added. Players have another, separate pool of points used to buy skills such as "Marksman" or "Persuade" in five degrees of competency. Players can also use their points to purchase Assets, including wealth, status, and allies that are beneficial in the game. They can also select Drawbacks, such as poverty or sickness, that will give them extra points to spend at the cost of suffering an ill effect, either as a direct penalty, or as part of the storyline. Though the character generation is not class-based, there are "Profession" templates that guide players in building characters suitable for the setting, and include prerequisites to join the many factions.



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