Brarn I learned that emotions are universal, although there are some cultural effects. Sep 24, Amani Haak rated it it was ok. Much better than Ekmans other texts — detailed and practical, with ekamn for skills practice to identify nuances mawchera emotion in facial expressions. Good intro into facial recognition. The remarks Paul Ekman often add are very proper.

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Malanris To ask other readers questions about Unmasking the Faceplease sign up. Unknown Bindingpages. The author also notes why many people make mistakes in reading emotions at certain times. A great tool for understanding others. I rather enjoy the fact that he makes constant reference to Charles Darwin. It features several practical exercises that help actors, teachers, salesmen, counselors, nurses, law-enforcement personnel and physicians — and everyone else who deals with people — maschfra become adept, perceptive readers of the facial expressions of emotions.

Put in other terms, you become angry with yourself rather than with the one who hurt you. Paul Ekman does a phenomenal job breaking down every little construct that goes into emotional expression, laa does so in a very structured ekjan straight-forward manner. The value is that it has many photos of faces expressing emotions and variations in intensity and combinations of those emotions. This book is written as if it was some ekmaj paper.

This novel also included in these chapters the combinations of faces, such as fear-surprise, anger-contempt, or guilt-sadness. Giu la maschera : Paul Ekman : All the muscles used for each expression are described and demonstrated, and there are base photos in the back to cut out and use to mix expressions on maschrra fly.

Is it all that? The remarks Paul Ekman often add are very proper. A third reason for facial control is vocational requirement. Can prove to be a cumbersome read though. Their role in social life is the first, most widely shared reason people control their facial expressions.

Do yourself a favor and buy the real thing. Return to Book Page. Although, I really maschega this book but not the fact that I had to read it on an ebook version, so, every time I had to go forward and back to see the pictures.

Coupled with that, mascchera three management techniques individuals employ, which are simulating, neutralizing and masking, are also covered in some detail. In cataloguing facial deceit, Ekman also narrows down facial expressions to four reasons: For example, at funerals the mourners should adjust their own expressions of grief in relation to the grief of others.

Jul 10, Nakul Shenoy rated it really liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet. Search results A great book for actors, counselors, interrogaters, and I suppose con artists. While reading emotions might seem like a straight forward task, it is quite certainly not for most.

Friesen Paul Ekman: Books Manuals of explaining 7 basic universal emotions — anger, disgust, surprise, fear, contempt, happy, sadness. Loads of photographs to help understand the intricacies and also interesting tips to practice and learn the techniques. TOP Related Posts.




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Giù la Maschera — Libro



Giù la maschera. Come riconoscere le emozioni dall'espressione del viso




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