Maps In the Cairn Hills north of the Free City stands a monument to madness, a crumbling palace of trap-laden halls packed with treasure beyond imagining: Castle Greyhawk. The archmage who built it vanished nearly two hundred years ago, and the castle has beckoned adventurers from around the world ever since. For when Zagig departed Castle Greyhawk, he did so as a living god. Mordenkainen would come to learn that Zagig had cheated death by becoming a deity, piecing together the legend over several forays spanning thirteen years. But the nine prisoners remained.

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Zuoken appears as a Baklunish man of unremarkable appearance. He speaks very little. Relationships Zuoken is a servant power of the goddess Xan Yae.

He is allied with Delleb. Since then he has been imprisoned in the central Flanaess , though he was released by adventurers in CY. Dogma Zuoken encourages his followers to be disciplined and serene masters of both their bodies and minds. The god sends his followers into the world to improve themselves and advance the cause of psionics known as Edel, the Gift of Fate, in the Baklunish tongue.

They may rescue psionic families from their superstitious neighbors, hunt down illithids , or search for psionic artifacts such as the Orb of Gerendelik. They attack the monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood whenever possible. Until CY, their consuming quest was to locate and rescue their deity from his prison. Zuoken sends a thought slayer as his herald. His planar allies are rasts, couatls, and huge elementals of any type. Their favored weapon is the nunchaku. They study at the feet of a master, with their training consisting of long dialogues between the master and students punctuated by intense physical training and martial arts practice.

They spend their days practicing their arts, meditating, and spreading the word about the value of perfection, although they may do this while completing quests for their deity. They are often guarded by an order of monks known as the Fists of Zuoken. Rituals Prayers to Zuoken are short and poetic, often using a strange sentence structure that tends to confuse noninitiates. A common beginning to a prayer is "Zuoken, me to the pinnacle take With 38 other monks, all unarmed, he held off a crucial mountain pass for three days and nights against a vastly numerically superior army of Suloise invaders.

Though he was the lone survivor, they were successful. They parted as friends. His followers discovered that his essence was being held somewhere in the central Flanaess. Gallery Bibliography.


Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

Mordenkainen needs you. The good people of Greyhawk need you. What are you waiting for? Betrayal led to failure, Iuz escaped, and many lives were lost. Today, evil has returned to Castle Greyhawk, and Mordenkainen must place his trust in the hands of a new generation of heroes.


Talk:Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

In keeping with the spirit of iconic modules, I decided to pick up Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. It is designed for 8th level characters and takes them through to level While the world has changed and evolved over the years, the foundation stays the same. In Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk, the party travels to the Free City of Greyhawk on the eve of a ceremony that has attracted all sorts of people from around the continent.

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