В приборе использована революционная, заявленная на получение патента система обнаружения обратной связи FBQ, которая не только мгновенно определит критические частоты, но и может быть использована как анализатор спектра, что делает FBQ желанным дополнением в любом гастрольном рэке. Придать дополнительный шарм звучанию позволит отдельный моновыход на сабвуфер с регулируемой частотой кроссовера. Вы также сможете без труда удалить из сигнала такие артефакты как сценический гул или шипение пленки используя дополнительные регулируемые обрезные НЧ и ВЧ фильтры в каждом канале. Характеристики: Профессиональный полосный стереофонический графический эквалайзер для студийной и концертной работы Революционная система обнаружения обратной связи FBQ мгновенно покажет критические частоты и может быть также использована как анализатор спектра Моновыход на сабвуфер с регулируемой разделительной частотой кроссовера Дополнительные регулируемые обрезные НЧ и ВЧ фильтры в обоих каналах, удаляющие нежелательные частоты, такие как сценический гул, высокочастотные шумы и пр.

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To read the manual supplied with the hardware in French and, as usual with Behringer, trs well. I download on the site. It explains, in particular, what use are led sliders.

In this case identify frquences attachment, since it is dot technology FBQ feedback detection system is that the reduction of feedback. If I had to manufacture it which I did at other times I would, for this price, the box! Dj is a result of acqurir. In sound, since we are in a prsence EQ, you can add a big sub and adjust levels.

Users of this excellent site should always keep in mind the report qualitPRIX, which must always lay their opinion. Wanting a peavey, the store tells me the problems of the equalizers of this trademark. So my choice is the FBQ , I received yesterday my equalizer audiopphony was sold.

It is 19 "rack, and rack ears can be removed if desired. This material provides an analog sound, you can plug in xlr 6. Its general appearance is nice, what I find unfortunate is that the frequency knobs light up at start, this gadget is, to see if this prove practice. In terms of its quality control frequency, I have not tested yet, he will make his baptism in two weeks. If he convinces me not, I sold it and if its quality is correct, I would use up the rope. I do not know if I nracheterais this brand, as tested with a reference table vmx during a birthday I was very disappointed.

The manual and use is simplicity itself. I donnerauis an assessment of sound quality in two weeks. MODEL rack, while sr. Simple configuration, and at the same time to complte the use of such devices. Manual clear and in French. Good job, who knows how to use it as any, if it is not using it, Obviously Rpond easily the slightest touch, trs effective use with smoothly. APRS, more expensive, but Did you find this review helpful?

The options are few for a precise and simple. To return to the faders I find them of very good quality, technical "oil bath" very effective for fine adjustment. FBQ function that detects feedback frequencies is inefficient and does not really reflect the reality of the signal. It is true that we perceive a breath if you push too much pots.

But I hardly touch the signal, I use it mainly for the low end enforcer.


Behringer FBQ3102HD Ultragraph Pro



Behringer FBQ3102HD Ultragraph Pro



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