Share "OI! Freebooterz is a piratical Ork who exists on the fringe of Ork Kultur. Freebooterz are bandits and sell-swords belonging to no specific tribe or klan but who will work with any tribe as well as stand against any other if the price is right. Freebooterz are Ork warbands that are composed of an amalgam of Ork mobs from several different warbands or Orks who have separated themselves from their former klan by choice or through exile. These roving bands are composed of renegades, bandits, pirates and other outcasts. Some of these Orks are fugitives, eccentrics and the remnants of shattered Greenskin tribes and klanz, so it is hardly surprising that many Freebooterz have very treacherous and unpleasant characters indeed -- even by Ork standards.

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Share "OI! Freebooterz is a piratical Ork who exists on the fringe of Ork Kultur. Freebooterz are bandits and sell-swords belonging to no specific tribe or klan but who will work with any tribe as well as stand against any other if the price is right. Freebooterz are Ork warbands that are composed of an amalgam of Ork mobs from several different warbands or Orks who have separated themselves from their former klan by choice or through exile.

These roving bands are composed of renegades, bandits, pirates and other outcasts. Some of these Orks are fugitives, eccentrics and the remnants of shattered Greenskin tribes and klanz, so it is hardly surprising that many Freebooterz have very treacherous and unpleasant characters indeed -- even by Ork standards. Following the ravages of war or some other disastrous disruption of their lives, some Orks abandon what is left of their tribe and join one of these roving bands.

Most Freebooter Mobz hire themselves out as mercenaries, or else they can be persuaded to join in a battle with promises of loot. Among the Freebooterz are a handful of unstable individuals who are particularly dangerous and aggressive again, even by Ork standards.

These Orks wander off and tend to form their own small, roving band of pirates and corsairs. Having long since abandoned any tribal or klan loyalties, they have adopted highly personalised insignia in place of their former klan symbol.

Some of these Orks prefer to remain anonymous, some want to forget, some want to start a new life, but most have simply forgotten who they were. Often they will employ what the Imperium has named the "Jolly Ork" skull and crossbones icon, a universal symbol of all Freebooterz.

These mercenary Orks are known to use this sigil to adorn their banners, clothes and vehicles. Freebooterz are also recognized by the rag-tag appearance of their Ork bioniks , due to their lack of access to Painboyz or Mekboyz.

Their injuries are often superficially treated, thus many Freebooterz sport peg-legs, hooks for hands and eye-patches. As a result, they roam the universe in small, often dilapidated Ork spacecraft, and hide out on isolated planets and large asteroids.

The band is usually led by a hardened Warboss who prefers the title "Kaptin. They dress even more flamboyantly than their fellow Ork Freebooterz, often sporting large tricorne hats and thick greatcoats that can conceal numerous weapons. There are those who would claim that the Orks are not the greatest of spacefaring races, that their voidships and weapons are unreliable constructions of scrap and parts salvaged from the ships of the other star-faring races, crudely refitted by luck rather than judgement.

There are others, however, who point to the fact that the Orks can be encountered in every corner of the galaxy and the supposed limitations of their technology have not held them back from being some of the most feared and effective pirates in the galaxy.

An Ork Freebooter of the Koronus Expanse Ork Freebooterz want more of everything: more weapons to grow stronger, more salvage to build ships and war machines, and more wealth for prestige among their kind. While many items captured in raids are of little use to the Orks, such plunder is valued highly by other races that fight and die to protect it.

Thus, the value lies in the opportunity for battle, and no Ork shirks from a good fight! Orks rarely organise above the level of a single ship. However, small fleets can form around a particularly charismatic or successful Ork leader, known as a Kaptin. To the mind of an Ork Freebooter, two things are uppermost: battle lust and greed.

In the Expanse, Orks are usually encountered in small raiding ships, roughly the same size as an Imperial escort vessel. However, the size of an Ork voidship is deceptive: invariably, the ship is crammed with a green tide of Orks, which ensures that any boarding action is likely to only go one way. An attack by Ork Freebooterz tends to be brutal and direct, with the Ork ships rushing headlong toward the enemy firing every gun they have before ramming and boarding their victims.

The directness of an Ork Freebooter attack does not mean, however, that an Ork Freebooter Kaptin lacks cunning. Orks often lurk in asteroid fields on the edges of systems where they cannot be seen by the sensors of ships passing to or from the void. Ambushes on convoys of supply ships from this kind of hidden position are common, and even small fleets or warships are not unheard of.

Should an Ork Freebooter Kaptin feel the need for bigger prey, the crew may descend on an inhabited world or space station, loot and burn it, and withdraw to their ships and the protection of a debris field. If, however, the Orks of a Freebooterz fleet are really spoiling for a big fight, they are likely to brutalise a world or void station and just wait and see who or what turns up to try and stop them.

From crude space stations built in asteroid fields or debris clouds, numerous Ork Freebooter Kaptins lead their fleets to loot whatever they can find and fight whoever crosses their path. Even the relatively explored systems close to the Maw have all felt the iron fist of Ork piracy; in the past Footfall itself has come under attack from the ships of Ork Kaptins who had become powerful enough to command great swarms of gunships and kroozers.

Luckily for those journeying into the Expanse, the presence and predations of the many Ork Freebooter fleets is haphazard and without unified purpose, and they are often inclined to war upon their own kind as much as anything else.

Freebooter Types Freebooterz warband on a planetary raid Freebooterz - Freebooterz are the typical Ork pirates, akin in almost every way to a standard mob of Ork Boyz. Flash Gitz - Those Ork Flash Gitz who acquire too many teef even for their fellow Gitz to stomach are often exiled from their klanz and forced to join Freebooter bands.

Outcast Warboss and Retinue - Sometimes Ork Warbosses get pushed out of their tribes by a new Warboss who does not succeed in slaying them. These giant Orks and their retinues of Nobz often become the foundations for a new Freebooterz band.

Renegade Mekboyz - Some Freebooter bands are made up of Mekboyz from different tribes who have gathered together in pursuit of their common interest in a certain technology. This is true, for instance, of the Ork bikers who make up the Freebooter band of Wazdakka Gutsmek. Bad Docs - Many of the Ork Painboyz who have performed the infamous but popular "Squig Brain Transplant" get exiled from their tribes after only a few "successful" operations and find new lives among the Freebooterz, though whether this is actually an advantage or a hindrance is very much an issue.

Renegade Runtherds - Those Ork Runtherds who begin to feel for their Gretchin and can no longer stand to see their Grots used as cannon fodder often leave their tribes behind and become Freebooterz, such as Zodgrod Wortsnagga. Renegade Speed Freaks - Some Ork Speed Freeks get exiled from their tribes for particularly destructive feats of vehicular derring-do.

They inevitably end up among the forces of the Freebooterz. Dreadmob - Dreadmobs are those Ork Painboyz and Mekboyz who have devoted themselves entire to the construction of Deff Dreads often end up in Freebooter bands.

Weirdboy Warpheadz - Those Weirdboyz who become addicted to their psychic powers often eventually become deadly dangers to their tribe and are forced into exile. Some of these renegade Ork psykers have even become daemonhosts, which makes them even more dangerous. However, there are many Ork Freebooterz that will still take in these Orks simply for the powers they can command.

Freebooter Minderz - Particularly large or tough Orks often used by Freebooter bands as bodyguards for the Kaptin and enforcers of his will among his crew. These Greenskins are shunned by their own people just as other mutants are, though they are sometimes accepted by the Freebooterz. Chaos Renegade Ork Warband - Orks are very rarely corrupted by Chaos, but some of the more vicious and militant Ork Kaptins will seek to serve the cause of the Dark Gods in return for the power they grant him.

But for both the Ruinous Powers and the Orks, such alliances rarely end well. Of course, they are usually ejected from their tribes for betraying the worship of Gork and Mork. Like other exiles they often become Freebooterz. Gretchin Bandits - Some Gretchin find the Freebooter lifestyle very appealing and come to believe that they can be as effective at pirating as the bigger Greenskins.

Sometimes they are actually even right. Ork-Genestealer Brood - Among the most dangerous Freebooterz are those groups of Orks who have been infected by the DNA of a Tyranid Genestealer and produced the immensely powerful Ork-Genestealer Hybrids from their reproductive spores. These groups form Orkoid Genestealer Cults that often act as Freebooter pirates preying on Imperial commerical and passenger shipping to spread the infection. These Freebooterz are some of the most dangerous xenos in the galaxy.

He has plied the stars in his steel-jawed Kill Kroozer Da Blacktoof for several blood-splattered decades. He holds forth to any that will listen that without the devastating weapons of his Gitz, many of those selfsame Warlords would have been long dead -- a claim that any who have seen this pirate band in action may well believe.

The tide soon turned when the rampaging Orks awoke the Tervigons within each ship, which spawned countless broods of Termagants. Blackgit, sensing defeat as the communications from his fleet abruptly ended, attempted to escape by ramming his ship through a lone bio-vessel blocking his path, only to fatally discover it is a starship-sized spore mine.

M41 against the Strathium Orbital Space Docks, but were successfully driven off by Elysian Troops , ending a decade-long blockade by the alien pirates. This drove him to become a successful Freebooter, and provided him with the unusual ability for an Ork of choosing only those fights which he sees as the most profitable. He earned a reputation for particular brutality in those boarding actions against Imperial ships.

When the Orks boarded the ship, the fighting was fierce and Borgrum and his Freebooter Kaptin became separated from the other raiders below decks. Unbeknownst to the Kaptin, Borgrum had his sights on bigger things for himself, and used the chaos of the combat to plunge his Choppa deep into the back of his leader. Since taking control of the Boneskullz Freebooterz, Borgum has launched numerous successful raids against merchant and Naval targets ready for plunder.

He is currently planning a large scale assault on the shipping lanes near the Maw, confident this should draw many new recruits to his cause. When Grukk offered the kaptin a chance to share in the riches of battle, Dakbad did not take long to convince.

Those worlds that had once been too well-defended or too strong for the Freebooterz fleet to attack alone would now fall under the meaty fist of Grukk. He was charged by Grukk to test the formidable defences of their Fortress-Monastery , the Penumbral Spike. Leading a force of over a quarter-million Greenskins, Firegut led a massive assault upon the formidable citadel, but ultimately, the Orks were wiped out by the surviving Obsidian Glaives and their formidable reinforcements, comprised of 11 Dreadnoughts.

Firegut met his end at the hands of their Chapter Master Midnias. Grubskraga is an exceptionally cunning creature, and though not as belligerent or ruthless as Morgaash, his grasp of Naval strategy is remarkable for an Ork after years spent clashing against human and Eldar fleets and observing their tactics.

He exemplifies the Ork trait of "brutal kunnin. Force of arms is not an option, so Grubskraga may ally with one temporarily, looking for a chance to betray his "boss. A group of Imperial settlers established the outpost to take advantage of the rich promethium veins located deep within the planet. When the miners detected an unknown ship entering the outskirts of the system, they attempted to hail it.

Krod became increasingly more and more demanding for vast stores of promethium to be mined, and he worked his crews round the clock to harvest all he could. His trusted Weirdboyz continually asserted that a terrible danger was rapidly approaching, counsel that Krod took more and more seriously over time.

Finally, Krod gathered his Boyz and left the world a shattered, broken shell. The excessive mining had destabilized the veins of promethium running deep in the core of the world, and as his ships left orbit Tyrex IV exploded. The massive explosion rained debris throughout the system and crippled three of the xenos ships as they made their escape.

Once, he was a mere fang-ripper from a Bad Moons scrap fleet that was following in the shadow of a tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan. All was going well until the crews of the scrap fleet disturbed a dormant nest of bio-horrors on a dead human factory world.

Mogdos was the only Nob to make it back to the fleet alive after the ensuing battle, and "inherited" its wealth, setting up base in the nearby Charadon Ork empire and throwing in his lot with the Arch-Arsonist Snagrod.

Since then, Mogdos has followed Snagrod on his rampage across the Ultima Segmentum , making sure the other Warbosses pay their due and commissioning Meks to build the biggest and best war machines. Kaptin Morgash Kulgraz, scouting the battlefield. Morgaash Kulgraz - Morgash Kulgraz is one of the most prominent Freebooterz in the Koronus Expanse who is making a bid for overall leadership of the Ork Worlds within that region known as Undred Undred Teef.

Morgaash is a cunning and ambitious Freebooter Kaptin. He is taking ruthless advantage of the numerical superiority of the Flash Gitz and Freebooterz in Undred Undred Teef, as well being bigger and harder than all the other Warbosses , to support his rise to power. Although barely spaceworthy, the Hulk was filled with loot from other parts of the galaxy.

A cunning master of ship-to-ship combat, Morgaash wrested control of the largest and most powerful ship in the system, a massive Battlekroozer named Da Wurldbraka.



Ships within 2 business days. One of our few good shooting units unfortunately haha. United States and many other countries See details. There are 1 listx available.




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