From inside the book. In order to set up a list of libraries that you strangelovee access to, you must first login or sign up. Moreover, he forms the basis of the popular image of the scientist who pursues a strngelove without regard to its consequences for others and fails to take precautions to prevent the resulting creations from escaping from their laboratories. Petya rated it really liked it Jul 03, History of Western Philosophy.

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Main article: Dr. The mishap he committed drove Faust mad, causing him to snap and go on a murderous rampage. After the tournament , he managed to regain his humanity, and decided to take his own life to atone for his sins.

But just as he was about to end it all, he learned that it was someone else who caused the mishap. He thus decided to seek the truth and resolved to save lives, and work as an itinerant doctor. However, his office was burnt down by villagers targeting Dizzy. She lost control of her powers and was subdued Testament. No one was killed, but Josephine slapped Dizzy and called her "demon". Dizzy and Testament left.

Faust, for his part, made Josephine reflect about what she did. In one ending, he meets with Dizzy and convinces her to leave the forest she lives in, in an attempt to prevent further attacks on her. In his other ending, Faust cures Zato-1 of his ailment, and leaves Venom to care for him, taking the parasite on as a result. Due to events in later games, the latter ending is impossible. In one ending, he tracks her down, and she confronts him about his dark past, accusing him of still enjoying bloodshed.

After rendering her unconscious, he admits that he still enjoys causing pain, yet vows to continue in his duty as a doctor. In another ending, he meets Zappa and learns of his condition.

Upon examining the body, he decides that he does not know how to cure this ailment. He and Venom are then assaulted by a horde of Robo-Kys , at which point Venom says that if they survive, he will tell Faust everything. In his Path 1 ending, Faust meets with Slayer , who asks Faust if he would like to come to the other world where Slayer plans to retire.

Faust refuses, however, saying that there are still people around the world who need his help. In his Path 2 ending which can be considered a simple joke , Faust cures Zappa by changing his face to resemble a Picasso-like drawing that will repel the ghost he bears. Material Collection stories Circa , Faust is implied to be the doctor who gave Dizzy and Ky Kiske the news of her pregnancy , being one of the few people who knew about their unofficial marriage. Slayer tells him it was the Conclave , and that he may receive some answers from the assassin hired to do the deed, ato-1, as he has been resurrected by the Conclave.

Faust sets off to find Zato. Learning that May is Japanese , Fausts checks his information concerning the colony and notices something startling. Faust warns that it is just a stopgap measure and that May must be kept away from the Colony at all costs. The conversation is cut short when Bedman arrives to kill them, and knocks Faust out. While Chipp Zanuff stays to buy them some time, Faust is carried away by Johnny as they retreat to the Mayship.

Later, in the Illyrian ambush on the Cradle , the Mayship appears as backup when Bedman nearly succeeds in sabotaging the operation. April pilots the ship close enough that Faust can use his teleportation powers to install the final relay beacon for the missile carrying Sol Badguy. Asking questions about what they have planned for the Japanese, Faust ignores his urge for revenge. He agrees to rendezvous with Johnny and his friend, Kum Haehyun the Tuner.

Unable to meet Haehyun in person due to Leo Whitefang , Haehyun tells Faust her findings via magic com.

Faust asks to be informed of any changes while he tries to find a cure. At the Illyrian Royal Library, Faust is looking for an ancient book he has read before when he meets a cured Zappa, who is also looking into the phenomenon. They soon share their intel with Sol, kings Ky and Leo, and Dr. Paradigm , after which Faust focuses on making a vaccine. The battle ends when Ariels is killed and Haehyun stops the Information Flares on her end.


Alchemists and Mad Scientists: from Faust to Dr. Strangelove



From Faust to Strangelove: Representations of the Scientist in Western Literature


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