Page Nip Point N. PUNTO DI PRESA: Punto in cui il the top and bottom heat rollers rullo superiore e quello inferiore come into contact and the point at entrano in contatto bloccando il which the items for lamination are documento da plastificare, che introduced into the laminator. Page Beruhrungspunkt N. Turn the laminator on I at the 1. Schakel de laminator in met behulp 1. Page 26 Cambiare la bobina superiore e quella supply rolls at the same time.

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Press STOP after the web has cleared the heat rollers. Remove the safety shield. Remove the feed table. Lower the bottom idler bar, Figure Remove the bottom film shaft by sliding the shaft to the right until the left end of the shaft clears the hex shaped brake hub. Loosen locking screw on left retaining collar of film supply shaft, and slide collar off.

Pull shaft partially out of film tube, then push back in to knock out left core adapter. Pull shaft all the way out and rotate tube degrees. Use shaft to knock out remaining core adapter. Slide one core adapter into right side of new roll of film ensuring that the film will unroll from the bottom on Poly-In film and from the top for Poly-Out film. Slide the film shaft into the core adapter and tube from the right side. Place the other core adapter on the shaft protruding from the left side then replace retaining collar.

Tighten locking Unroll 2 ft. Push the leading edge under and around bottom film guide. Slide film guide back into place and drape film over the front support for the feed table, Figure Remove top film supply roll from laminator. Repeat steps 9 and 10 from above ensuring the film will unroll from the bottom, for poly- in film,and from the top for poly- out film, after the film supply shaft is placed back on the laminator.

Drape the film over the top idler bar for poly-in film and under the bar for poly-out film. Completely cover both heat rollers, Figure Rimuovere lo schermo di protezione. Rimuovere il piano di alimentazione. Stringere la vite di bloccaggio. Svolgere 61 cm di film. Infilare nuovamente la guida in posizione e lasciare cadere sul supporto anteriore del piano di alimentazione Figura Rimuovere il rullo di film superiore dalla plastificatrice.


GBC Catena 65 Thermal and Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminator, 27" Max. Width (1715845)

Balkis With the flexibility to use a wide range of thermal and cold Pressure Sensitive Adhesive PSA films, the word lamination takes on new meanings. Troubleshooting A basic understanding of the theory of gbd lamination is required for all personnel servicing the Ultima Our Fax Number is Less frequently used and incidental parts should be determined and stocked at your discretion. Slide interlock lever all the way into the left side frame. This should also be a standard procedure when performing service gbx any of these models. Reassemble in reverse order. Table Of Contents Mechanical Operation 5. Enter text from picture: Remove right and left side covers.


GBC Catena 65 Operating Manual Page: 27

Voodoozuru Load film per procedure outlined in section. Adjust the rear Pull Rollers. These sensors should be soldered and have no air pockets. Generally, 5 and tbc film requires more tension; and, as the film roll becomes smaller, tension increases, requiring more adjustments. Page 57 The following is a copy of the September issue, vol. This should also be a standard procedure when performing service on any of these models. Enter text from picture: Less frequently used and incidental parts should be determined and stocked at your discretion.


GBC Catena 65 instruction manual and user guide

Nigore Page 5 Ultima 65 series laminator will provide you with high quality lamination and versatility, at an affordable price. Disconnect the unit from the VAC receptacle before performing any disassembly procedures. Tension adjustments are not necessary if you are using 1. A service charge for travel time, labor and parts may be incurred for each out of warranty service call.

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