Main article: Magnetic coupling A magnetic coupling uses magnetic forces to transmit the power from one shaft to another without any contact. This allows for full medium separation. Therefore can provide the ability to hermetically separate two areas whilst continuing to transmit mechanical power from one to the other making these couplings ideal for applications where prevention of cross contamination is essential. Oldham[ edit ] Animated Oldham coupler An Oldham coupling has three discs, one coupled to the input, one coupled to the output, and a middle disc that is joined to the first two by tongue and groove. The tongue and groove on one side is perpendicular to the tongue and groove on the other. The middle disc rotates around its center at the same speed as the input and output shafts.

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Development Edit The design was invented by Dr. Leonhard Geislinger in An outer housing and a central hub or "inner star" [3] form the input and output drive members.

Internally, the drive is transmitted through a number of radial leaf springs. These leaf springs are damped by a damping ring, the tips of the longest leaves engaging in splines in the inner star. Hydraulic damping is provided, as the leaf springs are immersed in oil. Any movement of the spring plates must squeeze oil through the narrow gaps around them between the plates and the casing. As the springs have a high surface area, yet there is only a small gap between them and their housing, the damping factor can be high.

The oil used for damping is usually supplied by the engine lubrication system, through a drilling in the crankshaft. This oil filling also aids lubrication and encourages a long service life. Uses Edit The coupling is mostly used on the output of large diesel engines. It isolates vibration between engines, shafts and driven components. A major benefit can be to avoid resonance problems where systems have a critical speed that must be avoided.

Use of a damped coupling can shift this frequency to an unimportant speed, outside the engine operation speed range and damp resonance peak. The nearly linear torsional stiffness, makes it easy to calculate Torsional Vibrations.

Advantages Edit High damping. The ratio between damping and elastic torques can be between 0. Stiffness and damping are adjustable independent to each other. These can also be adjusted by swapping spring packs, without needing to replace an entire coupling. No aging.

Unlike elastomer couplings, the materials do not change or wear out over time. Stiffness and damping remain constant in service. Compact design Disadvantages Edit The coupling is large and relatively complex.

It is best suited to high-power applications. In small applications, a simpler elastomeric gear or spline coupling is adequate and sometimes cheaper. The Geislinger Damper utilizes steel leaf springs and engine oil A related device is the Geislinger damper. The massive outer casing is connected to this through similar leaf spring packs, but is free to move torsionally, with damping.

It is used as a harmonic damper to control vibrations in shafts. The steel springs are tuned to optimize the natural frequency of a system and engine oil is used to reduce torsional vibrations. Geislinger uses specially developed software to select the specific damper parameters which best protect the engine crank- and camshaft, as well as intermediate and propeller shafts from damage due to critical vibratory loads.

The Geislinger Damper provides constant stiffness and very high damping over the damper life, independent of engine room temperature.


Marine Suppliers of Geislinger

Exhibitor profile Geislinger: Couplings and Dampers Geislinger develops, produces and sells torsional vibration dampers, torsional elastic, high-damping couplings, misalignment couplings, and torsional vibration monitoring systems for large diesel and gas engines. Geislinger products are used in sectors such as rail, marine, mining, oil and gas, power generation and wind power. Every Geislinger product is tailor-made and thus perfectly suited to the application it is designed for. Minimal cost of ownership, outstanding service life and a very high level of reliability are some of the most important features of our products. To improve customer service and shorten delivery times, Geislinger locations and partners are based in the main markets worldwide. The result can be seen in the high quality of Geislinger products and the major role as a solid and competent development partner worldwide. Geislinger Damper The Geislinger Damper is a tuned torsional vibration damper.



Contact ADS van Stigt: Geislinger Products from stock Couplings, dampers, gearboxes, pump drives, clutches, planetary drives, sensors and electronic control and measurement systems; ADS van Stigt is a supplier and covers maintenance of these products by various companies. To deliver torsional dampers and torsionally flexible couplings for diesel engines, the company has teamed up with Geislinger. ADS van Stigt has represented Geislinger for many years now with great confidence in the high quality that is always delivered by Geislinger. Geislinger Geislinger has achieved a position as market leader and innovator when it comes to the production of torsional vibration dampers and high damping, torsionally flexible couplings for diesel and gas engines.

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