Translated German Weapons Manuals A collection of tasks for the guidance of the recruit instructor in the combat instruction in the context of the squad with 2 light MGs, armored and unarmored. Foreign orders are welcome — contact me for a quote for the extra postage cost. Click this link to see why condoms are a good thing. The reader who has an interest in the advanced education of the German officer, and wants to understand the art of battlefield commands, orders, and tactics, will best appreciate this book. This booklet starts with details about how the Alliance France, Belgium, and England in WWI turned the German prisoners of war into a propaganda tool, took advantage of them and the German government, and used their own POWs in German camps as instruments for sowing dissention in the German fatherland.

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Dujinn This 43 page manual is one of the less common manuals in the series, but required reading for the reenactor. Includes many large fold-out terrain maps with tactical symbols showing the deployment and situations in the numerous examples, which teach the why and how of troop management at the battalion level, and explains the differences between attached and supporting troops, and the differences in commanding them.

Operation, wiring schematics, how it works mechanically and electrically, troubleshooting, testing and repairs are gerjan here. Read the sample pages to see some of gwrman is throughout this manual. This well-illustrated manual has 43 pages of pictures and explanations to teach the troops how to identify the T 34, exactly what the weaknesses and strengths of the T34 were, and how to attack it.

This is an English translation of an original German Army issue Zeltbahn triangular shelter section manual. The 2nd Amendment now officially applies as an individual right, not a militia-only right. This book is filled with 21 lessons for the instructors to use as scenarios for training the recruits, and explains the how and why of combat operations with detailed practical examples, and the proper behavior of the squad members.

This 27 page manual explains map scales, map reading, map terrain, road and railroad symbols, ground contour lines, and how to determine your own position and navigate in the country using the compass, sun, stars, and landmarks. Chinn Vol 4, Sec. The edition contained all the corrections and is what is offered here. All have been scanned and duplicated in this single manual for your convenience. How many Euros to a Dollar? My friends who reenact will appreciate that.

This manual contains all the text and graphics of the original manual. Dated August 5, This is an exceptional manual for learning how the Mp04 Soldat was trained in realistic combat situations. See the table of contents for details.

This manual is written for the recruit instructors as a guideline for teaching the recruits, who are expected to already know the basics. This book is about managing the troops at the battalion level, dealing with reinforcements, march gwrman such as aircraft march depth and the sequence of the troops for the march, housing, written and manhal orders, meals, the advance guard, reconnaissance, deployment, security during march, attack and defense tactics on a large scale, assessing the terrain for tactical purposes, how to issue written and verbal orders, and on and on.

Contact mannual before paying so I can weigh your order to see if it qualifies for a postage discount. Reformatted to 24 pages for easier printing, but containing all the germna text and the numerous graphics.

I have also included a table of 33 German to English translated terms used in the manual not in the original. This is a little less of an army manual and a bit more of a recipe book, with many pages of specific cooking directions and portions.

Foreign orders are welcome — contact me for a quote for the extra postage cost. Includes making decoy installations, camouflaging men and vehicles from ground and air observation, town combat, and making artificial camouflage.

It does contain details about the operation of the MG34, 98k, light mortar, MP40, P38, Luger, and gas mask, but the bulk of the manual is about living the recruit life, and learning how to handle barracks life, guard duty, getting along with everyone, and proper military behavior.

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