Recently, GM has enacted a new policy that places much greater emphasis on the summary reporting requirements listed in GMW June GM requires that the supplier must send by email an in-process summary report after the completion of each separate phase of testing, i. EMC labs are required to confirm that validation data was sent after each test and within five days of completion of each phase of testing. This new policy by GM places important obligations on both the supplier and on the test lab that performed the testing. GM EMC group not being updated on a test by test basis is no longer an option.

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Its internal components allow automatic EMC tests according to automotive standards where high field strength need to be generated or measured. Lower field strength can be generated for frequencies up to kHz. Due to the triaxial setup of our Helmholtz coil major improvement in device handling is achieved because there is no need to turn an EUT during tests. Tests and measurements are controlled by a program which will set most parameter automatically.

For any relevant standard, which are fulfilled by the MTS, limit values are already included into the software package, although any different value can be defined by a user. After every test full reports will be created automatically. Report layout is pre-defined, though any user-defined layout is possible.

High performance is guaranteed by a self-calibration. Special Features Frequency range for emission and immunity measurements: DC—kHz W precision power amplifier, signal generator and spectrum analyzer in one compact unit All instruments may as well be used as stand-alone devices Powerful but easy to operate software, fully expandable for future standards modifications Standard software allows easy operation, report generation and integration of external measuring instrument for EUT monitoring Prepared for connection of external multimeter for EUT control Fully automated tests with triaxial Helmholtz coil.

Software controlled generation of magnetic field in x-, y- and z- direction; no need to turn the EUT! Even alternating fields up to kHz can be generated by the magnetic test system.

Low Frequency emission and immunity tests acc. Individual software modules and hardware accessories are available for each of these tests. Automotive Testing Intensive testing is required for new products which should be used in any automotive application. The MTS allows fast and easy testing according to many automotive standards as described before. Technical specifications.


Updates for GMW3097 EMC Testing



GMW3097 Automotive Component EMC Testing


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