Both were so old that each had perforce become independent of the chance formation of planets upon which to live. Each had, in its own way, gained a measure of control over its environment; the Arisians by power of mind alone, the Eddorians by employing both mind and mechanism. The Arisians were indigenous to this, our normal space-time continuum; they had lived in it since the unthinkably remote time of their origin; and the original Arisia was very Earth-like in mass, composition, size, atmosphere, and climate. Thus all normal space was permeated by Arisian life-spores, and thus upon all Earth-like or Tellurian planets there came into being races of creatures more or less resembling Arisians in the days of their racial youth.

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After the base falls, Kinnison finds some clues that lead him to think that Helmuth was perhaps not the head of Boskone after all. The clues lead Kinnison to mount an expedition aboard the newly constructed super-dreadnought Dauntless, into the Second Galaxy where he thinks the true head of Boskone might reside. The Dauntless locates a planet under attack and comes to its aid, destroying the Boskonian forces and discovering that the entire planet is capable of going "free" that is, inertialess, the method used in the Lensman books to achieve interstellar and intergalactic space travel.

The Lensman returns to the First Galaxy with the space-faring planet and its grateful residents. Kinnison decides that since the Patrol is not yet strong enough to attack the Second Galaxy militarily, he will follow leads to the upper levels of Boskone through the traffic in the illegal drug thionite.

The novel then follows Kinnison as he tries to infiltrate the Boskonian drug network. Along the way, Kinnison learns something else new: as a Second Stage Lensman he no longer needs his Lens to do Lensman things such as read minds or communicate telepathically, although he works better while wearing it. Kinnison suffers some setbacks, and has to assume different identities, eventually one requiring him to drink and use drugs. Even though he tries to drink while actually letting the people around him empty the bottles, and uses the least harmful drug he can, it still takes him a while to get over their effects.

Eventually he uncovers the information he was looking for: the name and the location of Jalte, the boss of all Boskonian drug traffic in the First Galaxy. There is a minor interlude in which the Delgonian Overlords seem to have returned. Because he had fought the Overlords before, Kinnison is asked to lead the expedition to hunt them down, and the reptilian Worsel comes along. The Delgonians are dispatched in fairly short order, but only after the loss of many good men.

Kinnison agonizes over the casualties that they suffered because, although he and Worsel were mentally strong enough to resist the Overlords, his men were not. Realizing that the Patrol will need new and much more powerful weapons before it can take on Boskone in the Second Galaxy, Kinnison convenes 50 of the greatest scientists in the galaxy to work on new weapon-development projects.

The weapon they invent, whose theory requires the development of a wholly new mathematics, is called a "negasphere", composed of something combining the attributes of antimatter and negative matter. It totally consumes absolutely anything it touches, in mutual annihilation. They plan to make a negasphere of planetary dimensions and use it against the leaders of Boskone.

He and Worsel set out on what amounts to an almost suicide mission to infiltrate Jarnevon, the homeworld of the Eich. Kinnison is captured and tortured. Unknown to the Eich, Worsel is hiding close by and finds a way to rescue Kinnison, and they get away. Infected by something that requires the Patrol doctors to amputate all four limbs, blinded, and tortured almost to death, Kinnison is nonetheless saved, but he will most likely be a basket case.

Earlier in the book, a Posenian physician called "Phillips" was financed by the Patrol to try to develop a way to allow higher beings to regenerate body parts in the same way that lower animals starfish, flatworms, salamanders, etc. When Kinnison was injured, Phillips was ready to try his procedure on humans.

It works and Kinnison is brought back to full health. During his convalescence Clarissa MacDougall is again his nurse, and their love grows stronger. And so pass the Eich and the Council of Boskone. It is thought that finally the long struggle is finished and Civilization is triumphant. Kinnison and MacDougall make plans to get married and the book ends with them walking off, hand in hand, into a bright and happy future.

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Gray Lensman

Children of the Lens Published with the title Masters of the Vortex in Originally, the series consisted of the four novels Galactic Patrol, Gray Lensman, Second Stage Lensmen, and Children of the Lens, published between and in the magazine Astounding Stories. First Lensman was written in to act as a link between Triplanetary and Galactic Patrol and finally, in the years up to , Smith revised the rest of the series to remove inconsistencies between the original Lensman chronology and Triplanetary. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. February Learn how and when to remove this template message The series begins with Triplanetary, beginning two billion years before the present time and continuing into the near future. The peaceful Arisians have foregone physical skills in order to develop contemplative mental power.

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Gray Lensman

Mar 27, Sandy rated it really liked it Although the events of Book 4 in E. The book, as it turns out, is a wonderful sequel, expanding on the story line of Book 3 while introducing new characters, new planets, a fresh set of enemies, and the many titanic space battles that readers might be expecting at this point. As I mentioned, Book 4 commences scant moments after "Galactic Patrol" had wrapped up The 2 billion-year-old conflict between the Eddorians and the benevolent, Lens-giving Arisians is at the heart of all six books, although the Eddorians are never mentioned in Books 3 and 4 at all. It is indeed a startling moment, as the reader is made to realize that Helmuth had been just a small-potato hireling in a much bigger game. As critic John Clute eloquently tells us in his introduction to the Old Earth Books edition of "Galactic Patrol," "This first paragraph must have had an astonishing impact, one we can never quite replicate in our own imaginations While there, he and his crew of the Dauntless come to the aid of planet Medon, which is under attack by the so-called space pirates of Boskone, and later receive the welcome gift of advanced technology from that beleaguered world

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