The Manage Domain Search dialog box is displayed. Both computers must support their respective FTP roles: Selected — — This parameter indicates the selected port Orderwire Port for the orderwire phone. It also supports the channels in the bandwidth mode. Step 2 Click the Browse Current Alarms tab. International The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC is an international and non- Electrotechnical governmental standards organization dealing with electrical and electronic standards.

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After the drilling, clean up the metallic scraps. As a result, services will fail to run properly. Step 5 When you need to synchronize the NE time with the NMS time, set the time synchronization mode and the related parameters.

In addition, you need to get off the conductive objects, such as jewelry and watches, to prevent electric shock and burn. Kanual 7 through 4 deal buawei end-to-end communication between the message source and destination, and layers 3 through 1 deal with network functions.

On the General tab, click Settings in the Temporary Internet files area. TIP Hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard to select multiple clock sources. Wait for a period, and query the minute performance value of the IF board on the local NE. Figure shows the test connection diagram.

Even parity is generated by setting the BIP-X bits so that there is an even number of 1s in each monitored partition of the signal. Step 9 Turn on the laser for the working unit on NE A. Configure logical boards based on their mapping relationships with the physical boards.

Hence, the Hybrid radio can ensure the reliable transmission of the E1 services and provide bandwidth adaptively for the Ethernet services when the AM function is enabled.

This parameter is manuwl according to 32QAM the planning information. Network Management A system in charge of the operation, administration, and maintenance of a network. Choose Clear from the shortcut menu. Specifically, use the network cable to be tested to connect any two data ports. Press any button to display the NE information query interface.

This parameter is set according QAM to the network plan. The laser beam can cause damage to your eyes. Step 3 Click the NE Attribute[xxx] tab. Then, an alarm panel prompts and the user can view the details of the alarm.

You need manuao check the backup result. Step 6 Click Apply. Select 7-Protection and press Enter. Institute of Electrical A society of engineering and electronics professionals based in the United States but and Electronics boasting membership from numerous other countries.

Commission International An international association that works to establish global standards for communications Organization for and information exchange. NE Time Synchronization 5. In this case, the proliferation and endless cycling of packets is avoided in the loop network. Related Posts



Nasar When the service has been switched, the function enables the service to be restored from the protection channel to the working channel. Query Active Tunnel of the tunnel protection group. Click Query, and then close the Operation Result dialog huaweu is displayed. Prerequisite The equipment is powered on.


OptiX RTN 910

Kashura Its primary purpose is to suppress alarms being raised at affected higher level client LSPs huawie in turn their client layers. Prerequisite l Hardware installation has been completed and has passed the installation check. As the identifier of a radio link, this parameter is used to prevent incorrect connections of radio links between sites. Global Positioning A global navigation satellite system. The broadcast range is determined by the broadcast address.



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