Advantages of IKA inline machines include improved product quality and better stability in fewer passes, at a lower cost to you. In IKA inline machines, the dispersion occurs in the mixing chamber, which is reduced to the smallest volume. Thus, the mixing energy is introduced into the product in the most efficient way. Additionally, with the IKA inline machines, the product flow is directed through the specially developed rotor-stator tools. This results in a consistently reproducible particle size with a narrow distribution.

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Using the rotor-stator principle, the UTS is best suited for applications that cannot be accomplished using conventional stirring methods.

The UTS machine is capable of processing highly abrasive products and media with a viscosity of up to 5. The UTS stator is connected to the motor with a mounting flange and extension rods.

Because the rotating shaft seal is located directly on the motor flange, seal contact with the actual product is prevented.

The UTS machine design meets specifications for dispersion production in the pharmaceutical industry or for processing of abrasive products in other industries. The UTS models come in two different varieties: The KT version is designed for use in open or pressure-less closed vessels. The flange contains a sealing bushing with a built-in radial shaft seal ring. The KD version is intended for use in closed pressure vessels.

The KD model contains a double-acting mechanical seal housed at the sealing flange, and a barrier system for lubrication and cooling of the seal rings. Composite materials can be customized to meet individual requirements. The preferred installation positions for the UTS are: diagonal from above or vertical off-centre.

The large selection of tools provides for adaptation to a variety of mediums and mixing tasks. The UTS machine for open vessels is available with floor, wall or mobile stands.

The UTS machine is designed for use with open or pressure-less vessels KT and meets pharmaceutical production guidelines.


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