Life[ edit ] Elliot Budd Hopkins was born in He was raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. Hopkins and Eleanor A. Hopkins, brother, Stuart, and sister, Eleanor. He also received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts[ citation needed ].

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Shelves: non-fiction , history As silly as it sounds, I find stories of aliens and of alien abductions to be terrifying. The accounts are chilling and strange. Bright and blinding lights, frozen compatriots, missing time, men without identities, and encounters in the woods feature in a chronology of anxiety and fear.

As I read more, however, I noticed some problems with the assumption of the reality of these experiences. One problem is the heavy reliance on hypnotic regression to recall memories. Are these accounts trustworthy at all? Another problem is that many of the reports follow a classic progression of sleep paralysis hallucinations.

Sleep paralysis is a common and harmless, though terrifying, phenomena where a dreamer awakes enough to be conscious, but not enough to rouse the body from the inhibition of motion normal during sleep. A recurring motif in this book is an abductee waking from sleep in their room to find figures watching them, speaking to them, and guiding them elsewhere. This motif becomes more damning when one learns that sleep paralysis is often comorbid with narcolepsy , a condition in which one experiences a disrupted sleep cycle.

Unplanned and unexpected naps caused by undiagnosed narcolepsy could account for "missing time" incidents. Finally, sleep paralysis and nacrolepsy may run in families, which would help to explain why familial groups tend to experience abductions.

While I believe that many abductees believe they have experienced an abduction, and suffer side effects and psychological effects, reading this book with curiosity and a critical outlook helped reduce my fear around alien abductions. Budd Hopkins in this book was , honestly, as about as objective as he could be, and I believe he deserves credit for that. Even when his interviewee is under hypnosis, he is very careful not to Before I became a Christian, I read everything I could get my hands on about the UFO phenomenon, including several books on abductions.

Even when his interviewee is under hypnosis, he is very careful not to lead them or suggest things to them. The one or two times in the book where he does do that it would be hard not to he apologizes to the reader for it. Having said that, the accounts are terrifying, and Hopkins offers no solution or defense against what he perceives to be an assault on the human race by an outside force.

But then again, how could he? My own thoughts on this are long and complex and largely influenced by my understanding of the Bible. Let me just say this; I see no reason to assume that these entities are who or what they say they are, and the abduction literature is amazingly void of accounts by professing born-again Christians.

Do you ever wonder why? I literally locked myself in my bedroom unconcerned with anyone until I finished it. I certainly believe in the phenomena of abduction, but never quite came to any kind of concrete conclusion of what I believe this phenomena really IS. What I find interesting is the many people who came to learn of the phenomena as young kids, like myself I was 10 years old, and I grew up very sheltered.

We lived tucked deep into the woods with the This book left chills with me reading this as a young kid. We lived tucked deep into the woods with the only real view coming out of the driveway all farmland as my dad bailed hay and the neighbors grew acres of corn. WOW, Amazing thinking so many of us grew up with this book. Several women, who did not know each other, all had nearly identical recollections under hypnosis.

Their experiences included their hybrid babies that they even met during later abductions. As far fetched that many may find this, this is not the first book that I have read this in. All the abduction books that I have read so far, if no actual mention of hybrids was made, they did go into This was a well researched and very interesting book about ETs abducting humans in order to create hybrids.

All the abduction books that I have read so far, if no actual mention of hybrids was made, they did go into the physical exams and taking of semen from males and eggs from females. In fact, it is the striking similarities uncovered by various different UFO researchers that makes these claims all the more believable.


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The plot basically revolves around two women who are suffering from unexplained blackouts and nightmares, and the psychiatrist who ends up treating them. One of them, Lesley Hahn Daphne Ashbrook, who later started in the Dr Who TV film lives in California, and has a nightmare about faceless repairmen entering her house and taking her, and the other is a housewife, Mary Wilkes Mare Winningham , from Nebraska who has unexplained blackouts and ends up on a motorway miles from her home. Meanwhile, Mary decides to take a holiday in California with her sister, who knows Neil Chase, and is persuaded to see the psychiatrist to find out if he can help with her problem. Neil is struck by the similarities between the two cases, and realises that symbols drawn by Mary are similar to that of another patient of his, a former soldier who encountered a crashed UFO which was recovered by the government. Making contact with a university professor who does research into alien abductions, he begins to investigate the wider world of alien encounters, and runs into a general who is investigating UFOs in secret.


Budd Hopkins


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