Fenrirn It is a feminine vibration where Uranus is a masculine one. They have to learn true detachment. I shielded it with my cloak and it got no air. Saturn in Cancer is in its detriment. Their ideate of love are not geared to the earth. To ask other readers questions about Astrology, a Cosmic Scienceplease sign up.

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The reader is invited to call into question the basis of modern astrology. This basis, the tropical zodiac, emerged through Greek astronomers from what was originally a calendar dividing the year into twelve solar months. The fact that ninety-eight percent of Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac means that contemporary Western astrology is based on a calendar system that does not reflect the actual location of the planets against the background of the starry heavens.

In other words, most astrologers in the West are practicing a form of astrology that no longer embodies the reality of the stars. What is needed to bring astrology which means the "science of the stars" back into alignment with the stars in the heavens?

The first step in an astrological revolution that leads to true astrology is to recognize the sidereal zodiac sidereal meaning "related to the stars". In antiquity, the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Hindus used the sidereal zodiac, and today Hindu Vedic astrologers still use the sidereal zodiac.

Based on recognition—through the newly discovered rules of astrological reincarnation, that the sidereal zodiac presents an authentic astrological zodiac—a new practice of astrology is possible that offers tools to reestablish a wisdom-filled astrology in the modern world.

This new astrology, based on the sidereal zodiac, is similar to the classic sidereal form but in a modern form, as that practiced by the three magi, who—prompted by the stars—journeyed to Bethlehem two thousand years ago. Drawing on specific biographical examples, The Astrological Revolution reveals new understandings of how the starry heavens work into human destiny. The Astrological Revolution points to the astrological significance of the entire celestial sphere, including all the stars and constellations beyond the twelve zodiacal signs.

The Astrological Revolution thus offers a spiritual—yet scientific—path of building a new relationship to the stars.

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Moogusho The keyword is T think. Truly it is a spiritual science. When we understand, there is no condemnation or desire to judge. Ee has tremendous strength at his disposal and the power to use it. They are practical and down to earth in their approach to life. Naturally, it does not feel at home in Virgo.


Hickey, Isabel M.

The title should be at least 4 characters long. They are great joiners and are interested in all the minute details of personal living. Their reflexes are slow and they cannot be pushed. Astrology, a Cosmic Science : The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology The intuitive has reached his goal but do not ask him how he reached it because he does not isabfl.

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