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Unlike most common RFID tags, the IT70 cannot be cloned, it cannot be read by unauthorized parties, and data transmissions are fully encrypted so that only issuing authorities can read the tags. High Performance Highly optimized performance enables high speed applications while using full cryptographic functionality Industry Standard Fully standards compliant. Product Details The IT70 is an ideal tag solution for use in highway tolling applications, electronic vehicle registration, and vehicle access and payment. It can be read at ranges up to and exceeding 10 meters. The optimized cryptographic engine built into the IT70 enables it to perform AES functions three times faster than competitive tags, enabling readers to monitor multiple lanes of high speed traffic with vehicles travelling at kph mph or higher. It can be used by multiple organizations or departments, each with its own access key and own memory space.

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Automatic Vehicle Identification High technology for your Automatic Vehicle Identification AVI Fast, economical and highly secure: this is how vehicle identification, parking management and access control systems need to be.

In the process, they can be integrated into existing access solutions or used as stand-alone systems. Top-level security Access control systems are always measured by the level of security they provide. Using transponders, you can easily issue permanent and temporary authorizations. A cryptographic authentication procedure ensures maximum security.

Readers and transponders use a unique system key for encryption. Because this key cannot be copied, it is impossible to create unauthorized transponder clones. Top performance RFID products Whether for close-range solutions with reading ranges up to 10 cm or long-range solutions up to 10 m, our HF and UHF readers offer complete performance - specially adapted to the respective application.

Our RFID modules or housing readers are extremely easy to handle and reliable in operation - even under demanding conditions. As a stand-alone solution, the combination of RFID reader and access controller can manage more than 4, vehicles or transponders offline.

For larger projects, the host-based solution offers maximum control. Everything from a single source — Made in Germany FEIG offers system integrators not only powerful RFID technology including software, but also controls for barrier systems and induction loop detectors. Take advantage of this concentrated expertise to ensure smooth and optimally reliable access to your objects. To ensure that we meet our stringent performance requirements and quality standards, the conception, programming and production of all FEIG components is carried out exclusively in Germany.

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BS ISO/IEC 29167-22:2018

Dikinos Defines the requirements for the QR Code symbology, by specifying its characteristics, data character encoding methods, symbol formats, dimensional characteristics, error correction rules, reference decoding algorithm, production quality requirements, and user-selectable application parameters, and by listing, in an informative annex, the features of QR Code Model 1 symbols, which differ from QR Code [11]. Countries pay a fee to ISO to be members of subcommittees. Information technology — Automatic identification and data capture techniques — Part 1: This protocol is best utilized for low-data-rate wireless connectivity with fixed, portable, and moving devices with very limited battery consumption uso. Provides an air interface specification for Mobile RFID interrogators being part of a passive backscatter system [23]. Describes numbering systems that are available for the identification RF tags [18].

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