Furthermore case studies and reference projects will be discussed in the application notes. Energy and power quality measurement products. Services After we have developed your technical solution, executed it and commissioned it, we continue to support you further: They take on tasks from simple reading, fault location, interference detection and power quality analysis to complete remote control or even automation. For more than half a century now. The Ethernet Modbus gateway can be used to easily include the Modbus RTU devices that are connected to the master device as slaves in an Ethernet architecture.

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Energy meters have been provided with communication protocols for years. Fortop projects make software, including apps, with which you can gain insight into the status of your power quality. The new Janitza PRO series comes standard with apps that give you this insight.

Through a web-based dashboard, you gain insight into the most important Power Quality parameters. In addition, short interruptions, transients, switch-on currents and harmonic components up to the 63rd order are accurately recorded and reported via e-mail or SMS. The energy meter has four voltage and 4 current inputs. Read more about Janitza UMG The energy meter detects leakage currents at an early stage before the leakage currents cause system failures or even fire.

The energy meter has a user-friendly color display. Voltage dips, peaks and transients Voltage dips, peaks and transients that can cause problems are signaled by the energy meter. In addition, the energy meter can measure consumption in kWh, kVAh and kvarh.

Make data from energy meter transparent Measurement data from energy meters is raw data. Janitza GridVis turns raw data into useful information. Create self-assembled reports With the free basic version you are able to link data from energy meters, data loggers and cos-phi controllers to the software and to analyze them in bar charts, graphs and to create reports. Read more about Janitza GridVis.

The energy meter has 4 current and 4 voltage channels. The energy meter can measure short interruptions, higher harmonics up to the 40th order and transients. The Janitza B24 series kWh meters are 3 phase meters for indirect measurement 5A with the use of current transformers. Read more about kWh meters from Janitza. Fill in the form. We will contact you!


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Janitza UMG 96RM - Universeelmeter



Power Quality Analyser UMG 512-PRO: inzicht in verbruik, storing en netspanningskwaliteit


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