Kazramuro Suzuki Cryo-S is a special high-strength stainless steel wire for spring. Get a fresh perspective for this Online Shopping industry by learning the newest ideas and trends in house architecture, interior decorating in our trade resources center. Various shaped bars and wires. BS EN This standard regulates screws for cold forging. The wire cold drawn from low carbon steel wire rod JIS G and its dimension must be round-shaped.

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Mazuramar Wire curl is stable and surface lubricating coat facilitates g coiling work. Low carbon steel rod is cold drawned and annealed, melting zinc-coated or electric zinc-coated and the dimension must be round-shaped. Titanium, series stainless steel, etc. Typical Characteristics used in Wire. For bolt, nut, small screw, electric parts, camera parts, etc. This material is cobalt based alloy for springs, which have high elastic limit jiz high modulus of elasticity, and which provide better load than springs from piano wire after heat treatment.

It is equivalent to phosphor bronze wire for spring. Adhesion ijs dust can be prevented because there is no sticky after LBK-3 is applied on metal surface. Capable of spring designing under higher stress than that of conventional stainless steel wire for spring and excellent in resistance to fatigue.

For bicycle nipple, etc. Austenite stainless jos has the highest processability and maintains its nonmagnetic property even after cold-working. Cleaning agent for special processing film, cleaning agent for oxalate film.

Nickel-titanium shape memory alloy. Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, etc. Characteristic is same as tin-coated EF wire. Hard drawn wire of 60C and 80C. Carbon steel oil tempered wire A for spring. High tension piano wire that is very jix to brass wires. It can be cleaned by water or hot water before processing of steel. This oil tempered wire have excellent properties as spring material, and is used as various springs for the automobile such as the valve springs of the engine, the clutch springs, the transmission springs, and the suspension springs.

Degreasing cleaning agent for water-soluble inorganic film, lubricant, oil, mineral oil, and finishing wipe after removing jie, etc. Pure copper and copper alloy, etc. Spring Wire Wide in Width: It does not require copper coating after spring. Film agent for drawing of series stainless steel and carbon steel. Mainly for static load spring. MK is a luster reconstituent for zinc plating that can restore ijs luster of zinc plating to original beautiful metal luster only by immersion under normal temperature.

Hard drawn after solution heat treatment. This has same spring loading characteristics with excellent piano wires. CP spring wire is a kind of cold rolled wire being special coated by copper on thicker corbon steel wire 70C etc. Jks types of stainless steels. Tensile strength is same as that of SW-A. Hard drawn steel wire is made by the special heat treatment and cold drawing process by using high quality high carbon steel wire rods.

It has superior coiling ability specific to copper-coated and soldering ability. Not only excellent ability be stable, it can uprise the voluntary temperature according to the purpose. It has lower cold-working hardenability when compared with 18Cr-8Ni steel. Descaling agent for nickel series stainless steel sheet. Ordinary steel will rust when left eposed to the air. The component of liquid does not remain only by liquid cut and drying.

For electric parts, chemical industry parts, etc. Oil tempered wire is material for the spring which is given the continuous quench and temper heat-treatment. Deposition Hardening Stailnless Steel. It is easy to rinse in water because it excels in withdrawal of film and lubricant.

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