Titan is a science fiction novel by American writer John Varley, the first book in his Gaea Trilogy, published in Titan is a science fiction novel by American writer John Varley, the first book in his Gaea Trilogy, published in Welcome to Gray City. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Show me in the morning. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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Varley brings really weird shit to the table, as all SF should but hard SF sometimes underdelivers on. Volume 1, Titan, covered the initial exploration and established the setup. Wizard returns after a number of decades, where things appear relatively stable: Gaea is recognized by the UN, and permits a certain number of human tourists and even immigrants, but plays with them in the same capricious way. The setup allows for some extremely improbable scenarios much like Strata again and he exploits this to the hilt: blimps and submarines, buzz bombs, sand wraiths If you think you might be put off by lots of centaur sex, this is probably not the book for you.

And the writing is terrific. Hard-boiled for the most part, but with the occasional gem thrown in. Early on, our first glimpse of a Titanide: "She thundered down the seawall road, arms held out behind her like the silver lady on a Rolls-Royce.

Cirocco is now a Wizard for Gaea, meaning shes a troubleshooter. Gaby is sometimes her sidekick, and sometimes just does freelance work. They are both paid with extended lifespans.

Since Titan, plenty of humans have emigrated to Gaea. There is a limited quota for free trips, and through this program, two new travelers, both prone to periodic seizures, arrive in Gaea. One is Chris, a rather shy and geeky young man from Earth. The other is Wizard picks up about 80 years after the events in Titan. The other is Robin, who comes from an ultra-radical sect of witches in the Wiccan sense living in a habitat on the far side of the Moon. The sect is made up entirely of women, and holds men to be evil.

Robin has never met a man, and has some strange conceptions about them. As they arrive, Gaea tells them that she can cure their ailments, as long as they do something heroic.

They join up with Cirocco and Gaby on a circumnavigation of the habitat wheel. The wizard and her sidekick have a hidden agenda, though. Gaea is becoming ever more senile and crazy, and the two are looking for allies in a coming war against her. The adventures of Chris and Robin make for a coming of age tale of sorts.

The scenery is still wondrous, and Varley has added much to the richness of his world. The prose is excellent and the characters are rich and alive. Despite all that, I was still somewhat disappointed. There seems to be little sense of where the story is headed. Varley is never bad, but it was an ultimately unsatisfying read.


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Wizard Gaea, 2 by John Varley Refresh and try again. Chris gets to be the lucky? Actually that might be weirdly appropriate, considering the musical communication between the centaurs. Varley even created a full diagram in the back of the jon showing all 29 possible configurations called ensembles by which the Titanides can reproduce.



Plot[ edit ] A scientific expedition to the planet Saturn in , aboard the ship Ringmaster, discovers a strange satellite in orbit around the planet. As they reach the satellite they realize it is a huge hollow torus, a Stanford torus habitat. Before they can report this the ship is entangled in cables from the object. The crew is rendered unconscious and later wake up inside the habitat. Initially separated, Cirroco and Gaby find each other and travel together through the world inside the torus to find the rest of the crew.


John Varley

Plot summary[ edit ] Wizard takes place in , seventy-five years after the events in Titan. Cirocco has become an alcoholic, apparently due to the strain of being the Wizard. Gaby Plauget has taken up the slack, carrying out special projects for Gaea such as building the Circum-Gaea Highway, in return for which she gets some of the benefits Cirocco enjoys, including apparently perpetual youth. Gaea herself is bored. She arranges for streams of people looking for miracle cures to come to her from Earth, and then sets them a task: do something "heroic" for example, travel once round the circumference of the great wheel , and their wishes will be granted. This is her way of ensuring an enduring supply of entertainment, as she arranges hazards for them to overcome or die trying. It also serves as a way for her to be useful to Humanity by providing cures for diseases, so that they do not turn on her and destroy her.

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