For certain applications, its high specific resistance and negligible temperature coefficient of resistance are its most important attributes. Although the range of applications of CUPROTHAL 49 is so wide, its uses fall into four principal categories: An ideal alloy for winding heavy-duty industrial rheostats and electric motor starter resistance. High specific resistance, together with good ductility and resistance to corrosion are all important requirements in this category, and CUPROTHAL 49 satisfies the most demanding specifications. See the Precision Wire Handbook.

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Diagram showing maximum possible loadings at different furnace temperature 12 3. Incorporating the six standard sizes of 68, 80, , , and mm 2. But for the most effective operation the use in Kanthal APM tubes is recommended. They can stand a very high loading up to 7. Kanthal APM tubes are seamless and extruded. The APM is the outstanding choice for high-temperature, corrosive applications.

The formation of a cohesive aluminum-oxide film on the inner as well as on the outer surface of the radiant tube, will keep it free from contamination. This in turn means there is no need for cleaning or turning of the tube. The adherent aluminum film formed on the tube is also an extremely efficient barrier against high-carbon activity. It makes the tube highly resistant to carburisation also in those cases where free carbon is allowed to accumulate on its surface.

In addition, it makes Kanthal APM highly resistant to sulphurus atmospheres. Kanthal APM tubes are suitable in both gas- and electrically heated furnaces.

The aluminium oxide protects the alloy from carburisation in high carbon-potential environments. No scaling and no impurities inside the tube to contaminate the heating element or gas burner, and no scaling on the outside to contaminate the goods in the furnace. Supplied flanged, with or without inner tube and gas burner or suitable electric heating element. The system will be delivered in sizes from 89 to mm, 3.

Electrically heated furnaces Kanthal APM tubes is the ideal choice also for electrically heated furnaces. Our manufacturing program comprises a complete range of electric elements and tubes for most applications. They are all delivered as complete ready to install heaters with elements, support- and insulation material and tubes. Kanthal APM tubes in a gas fired sealed quench furnace.



Faegul Damasteel s martensitic stainless Nitrobe 77 is a powder based steel which solves two classical knife problems: It is not to be understood as permission or recommendation to practice a patented invention without a license and the user should determine weather relevant patent exist. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser habdbook utilize the functionality of this website. Irons, air heaters, oil heaters, glow plugs, sauna heaters. Treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water in the kanhal of hydrostatic pressure. Elements are often in metallic tube with terminals at one end. In this chapter you will learn.


The Kanthal Furnace Mini Handbook Metric Version (pp21)



Heating Alloys for Electric Household Appliances Handbook ENG



Kanthal A1 Wire 16 Gauge


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