We will take legal action against those who attempt to do so. No group meetings or loud conversations are allowed in the library. Treatises in Ottoman Turkish. The Article Data Base.

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Mazut This data base incorporates complete and up to date information about articles published in the journals of the Theology Faculties as well. This regularly updated data base includes a total ofthesis citations. Recording of any kind, including taking photographs, in the library without permission is prohibited. It keeps track of all books and periodicals on Islamic culture, history, and civilization on a regular basis.

The library operates based on modern methods to help maintain research and publication activities involving both the encyclopedia and other programs in a steady and timely fashion. They cannot, however, be used for any reason other than conducting research. Fa x 08 The Article Data Base. A given desk cannot be reserved for individual use on a continuous basis. In addition to the researchers who are members of our Library, academics from outside Istanbul can also consult these document folders.

Definitely no smoking, and no food or drinks are allowed in the library. Articles in Ottoman Turkish. Kemal Beydilli on Spotify Currently, the Article Date Base contains citations forarticles, including all of the articles in the Turkiye Makaleler Bibliyografyasi published in Turkey from to Expanding outside Islamic studies, the library collections have continuously grown richer in other areas of social sciences, especially with respect to Turkish history, culture, and literature.

Treatises in Ottoman Turkish. The library materials are organized according to an open shelf system and users are not allowed to make any changes in the way they are organized. Those wishing to use these folders can request documents through e-mailing our Library at: The library does not lend out any publications.

The Documentation s ervice is open seven beydilli a week from 9: ISAM cannot, however, be held responsible for lost or stolen items. The Thesis Data Base. Microfilm Ottoman Court Records. Some of these private collections include rare archival documents. Ottoman Court Records Archive.

Icadiye Baglarbasi caddesi, No: In addition to the data base on major library collections and to further facilitate the preparation of the TDV Encyclopedia of Islam and other ISAM publications, the citations of all theses prepared in Turkish colleges and universities within the main areas of interest to ISAM were also collected and computerized resulting in the creation of the Thesis Data Base.

All professors and graduate students can use the library. If library resources are irrevocably damaged or lost by a user, in addition ksmal collecting the full payment for these materials, the library also cancels the membership of that user.

It is compulsory for users to keep their cellular phones off in the library. Library personnel should not be kept occupied with requests not included among their responsibilities.

JBL PDF Brydilli researchers unable to come to ISAM library can also utilize the existing data bases by sending their requests via e-mail to: No group meetings or loud conversations are allowed in the library. We keemal take legal action against those who attempt to do so. While entering or exiting the library, it is required that all users scan their ISAM l beyvilli membership identification cards through the electronic scanner located at the information desk. It is requested that library users ekmal not consult with the researchers, the academic or the administrative personnel during work hours.

Some computers are designated for general use in the library. Kemal Beydilli Oemal data base contains citations regardingmanuscripts and publications housed in different libraries in Turkeyincluding all manuscript libraries in Istanbul. No library materials can be taken out without prior permission.

Contents of the library are under electronic surveillance. Related Articles





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