For this book, she discusses the work of Theresa of Avila, with whom she alleges she communicated with while she was writing the book. Yes, once an authority of Chakras and touting a PhD in Energy Medicine which has surprisingly disappeared since the unaccredited nature of her doctorate program was discovered , now Myss has moved on to demonstrating the power of prayer to the masses. There is enough spiritual work in this book to last you a lifetime, but do not be so eager to hop on board. Myss makes it clear that even if you do all this material, you still may not feel the grace of God. In fact, you may not even receive that healing you so desire.

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Learn how and when to remove this template message The Interior Castle is divided into seven mansions also called dwelling places , each level describing a step to get closer to God.

In her work, Teresa already assumed entrance into the first mansions by prayer and meditation. The first three mansions are considered to be active prayer and asceticism. The third mansions are the Mansions of Exemplary Life characterized through divine grace a love for God that is so great that the soul has an aversion to both mortal and venial sin and a desire to do works of charitable service to man for the ultimate glory of God.

The fourth through seventh mansions are considered to be mystical or contemplative prayer. The fourth mansions are a departure from the soul actively acquiring what it gains as God increases his role.

The fifth mansions contains incipient Union in which the soul prepares itself to receive gifts from God. If the fifth mansion can be compared to a betrothal, the sixth mansion can be compared to lovers.

The soul spends increasing amounts of time torn between favors from God and from outside afflictions. The soul achieves clarity in prayer and a spiritual marriage with God in the seventh mansions. In fact she humbly repeats that she is never worthy of these consolations but is always immensely grateful for them. Some scholars compared the seven mansions to the seven chakras in Hindu culture.

Teresa St. Teresa as "that most mystical of Catholic figures" and alludes to St. Gilbert was raised a Protestant Christian, but her book describes her path to God through yoga. Teresa also inspired American author R. If you realize your pitiable condition, how can you refrain from trying to remove the darkness from the crystal of your souls? Remember, if death should take you now, you would never again enjoy the light of this Sun.





Las siete moradas


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