LBO funds will have to find solutions to these problems if they veenimmen to see their strong growth continue into the future. Data collected by the authors on the creation of venture capital-backed firms in the USA between and show that the Fairchild model is behind more such companies than the Xerox model. Dividend yield See chapter Read online Evrnimmen of 1 euro capitalized at various rates See Chapter 16 The time value of money and net present value. Getting rid of SEC formalities has become such a headache for non US companies 4that some of them are now thinking twice about listing or dual listing on the other side of the Atlantic. This trend should conclusively dispel two false notions on LBOs: Every period sees the emergence of a different form of organisation, which provides an appropriate response to the problems of the day, and then, after having venrimmen its purpose, is eventually phased out. Read online Value of a call option See Chapter 23 Options.

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Figures relied on by financial analysts when analysing the accounts of companies that publish their results in accordance with two or more different accounting standards. Which figures should analysts rely on and why? What is the difference between EBIT and operating income The emphasis analysts place on operations has driven companies to stretch the definition of EBIT and to develop the concept of operating income, which is often quite different from EBIT. The purpose of this study is to determine how popular operating income is today, and to identify the factors that distinguish it from EBIT.

See chapter 9 of the Vernimmen. The example of Arcelor Mittal in How does a company survive in a cyclical with high fixed costs? The aim of this exercise is to analyse the measures taken by Arcelor Mittal from a financial and operational point of view before and during the crisis that enabled it to survive its EBITDA being divided by 5 and its share price by 6.

See chapter 7 of the Vernimmen. For example there is IAS 22 business combinations and IAS 36 impairment of assets which will completely overhaul the way goodwill is treated - depreciation is replaced with the impairment test, which means a strict definition of a model for valuing assets acquired, which will make it possible to monitor the assets over several years. Both standards issue a series of recommendations, for the most part indicative, certain aspects of which may be somewhat baffling to valuation experts, but which most importantly are likely to usher in significant changes in the relationship between a company and its auditors.

The aim of this study is to analyse the scope of the methodology recommended by these two standards in terms of valuation, and to measure, on the basis of a field study, the implications of the imminent introduction thereof for the various actors involved finance and accounts department within companies, auditors, market authorities, financial analysts, etc. See chapter 6 of the Vernimmen. The aim of this thesis, other than to make a census of OCIs and to undertand their accounting logic, is to reflect on whether the financial analyst can, in the end, extract relevant information from them, or whether they are a formless jumble of ideas, with no hope of redemption.

The end of the world Likelihood and implications of a clearing-house default. Techniques for placing bonds on the euro-zone market The techniques used for placing bonds have changed a great deal over the past five years, and are now similar to techniques used for placing shares - book building, road shows, etc. The purpose of this thesis is to provide an overview of the current situation, and explain the reasons behind recent changes.

See chapter 26 of the Vernimmen. Status report on research into interest rate structure See chapter 20 of the Vernimmen. The first aim of this thesis would be to describe these systems. You should draw up a list of the types of services that they offer and describe how exchanges on these systems are organised. The thesis could also look at the factors behind the success of ECNs, compared with the more traditional stock exchanges, especially the Nasdaq. Credit enhancement for securitization transactions In a situation where securitization is developing rapidly across Europe, more and more players are taking an active interest in credit enhancement.

Credit enhancement companies provide financial guarantees to issuers, which means that they are given a higher rating by the rating agencies and are thus able to take advantage of lower financing costs. The purpose of this study is to clarify situations in which credit enhancement is used different types of securitzation, use of credit derivatives and identify the French or international sectors of this market.

What is the role played by rating agencies? What practical steps are involved in setting up a credit enhancing solution? Real options bubbles An analysis of how the theory of real options was popularised at the time of the Internet bubble in , in order to justify valuation levels that it was no longer possible to produce using standard valuation methods.

After having been used to justify the unjustifiable, do real options still have any credibility? See chapter 31 of the Vernimmen. Portfolio management topics How can macro economic variables be used to explain fluctuations in the market premium over time? How can macro economic variables be used to explain fluctuations in the liquidity premium over time? Can one outperform the market by investing long-term in small and medium stocks, which is where market efficiency is the most reduced?

Is the risk-free rate used to determine the rate of return required by investors over the short-, medium- or long-term? What is the optimum size of a diversified portfolio in terms of number of products and amount invested?

Is their a high or low rotation of assets on portfolios which outperform the market over a given period. Do the managers of portfolios which outperform the market over a given period and who change companies, generally to set up on their own, continue to outperform the market? In other words, do talented individuals within an institution continue to prosper outside this institution?

Finance in Africa topics How can the savings of an African country be channelled into the equity capital of local companies? What are the requirements of African companies in terms of hedging against foreign exchange losses?

The African financial economy - a single regional market or a juxtaposition of local markets? What are the requirements of African companies in terms of hedging against fluctuations in interest rates? Should African companies make a rapid shift to IAS, or should they stick with their existing accounting standards? What investment instruments are available to the African company treasurer? Hybrid products topics Is it possible to place hybrid products convertible bonds, mandatory convertible bonds, etc.

See chapter 25 of the Vernimmen. Do hybrid products convertible bonds, mandatory convertible bonds, etc. The cost of capital of hybrid securities - what does the issue of hybrid securities cost the company? What is the impact of the issue of hybrid securities on the share price? Is there a special class of investors to whom hybrid securities are sold? Techniques for placing hybrid securities - Technique for placing shares? Technique for placing debt? Or specific technique? Stock overhang Some listed stocks have been affected by overhang, which means a risk of negative impact on valuation as a result of the existence of one or several shareholders, structurally seeking to sell their shares on the market.

The purpose of this thesis is to study the phenomena by drawing up a typology of the different situations and attempting to identify the common characteristics and measure the impact on the valuation of the share. Are micro-caps destined to vegetate or will they have to delist? A number of experts have drawn attention to the fact that micro-caps, those companies that do not offer sufficient liquidity to institutional investors and are not really followed by financial analysts, are destined to vegetate or to delist.

The purpose of this thesis is to analyse this statement in the aim of coming up with recommendations on a financial strategy, either for listed micro-caps or for companies that may be tempted by the idea of an IPO. In September , the French Treasury issued its first fungible government bond that was indexed to inflation, known as the OATi. This new financial instrument is likely to become the benchmark long-term risk-free asset.

The aim of the thesis is to collate information on experiences in other countries where similar instruments already exist, and to draw up a list of advantages and drawbacks for investors and for issuers. Asset allocation and real estate investments How large a share should real estate assets have in the allocation of assets? What instruments are available for investing in real estate and for managing real estate risk? Regulation and economic model for sell-side analysts This topic covers the consequences of a regulation that the FSA has announced it intends to introduce, that will prevent sell-side analysts from making their research available free of charge.

What sort of viable business model for sell-side analysts could result from such regulation? ADRs - success or failure, and why? Which companies were ADRs a success for and which a failure?

The increase in idiosyncratic risk. There is evidence for the U. Is this true in Europe as well? Review of the literature on stock market volatility, and application to European data. As the market value of a company is independent from the number of shares outstanding, a stock splits should not affect the distribution of stocks returns. However, several empirical studies find that stock return volatility increases after a stock splits.

Is it possible to explain this puzzle? Comparative analysis of access to liquidity in European and US firms. The aim of this research is to study to what degree US and European firms have different cash access strategies and what the causes and consequences thereof are.

The commercial paper market in the USA, the equivalent to the treasury bills market in Europe, is much more developed, both in volume and in depth, than in Europe where the role of banks is more important in the short-term financing of firms than it is in the USA.

An analysis of the behaviour of firms on both sides of the Atlantic since will provide much food for thought. The aim of this thesis is to determine who still uses it, who has modified its margin as a sort of makeshift repair, and who is doing something completely different, using power laws, for example.

This research work is based on a review of the litterature covering option valuation models and on interviews with banking and hedge fund professionals. See chapter 24 of the Vernimmen. How high should the discount be set for a capital increase with preferential subscription rights? Although capital increases with preferential subscription rights are among the most common operations on the market, very few financial actors fully understand the financial implications thereof.

The amount of the discount is usually the subject of lively debate when the terms and conditions of the operation are set. Regardless of the objective criteria underlying the setting of the discount, what are the false criteria that persist in practice? This thesis also includes interviews with recent issuers and with the ECM teams of investment banks. How do the crisis and the post crisis fit behavioural finance? It seems that the crisis has a lot to do with behavioural biases and so called herd behaviour.

A review of behavioural finance topics would be followed by a critical assessment of how it applies to the crisis and the post crisis.

What is systemic risk in the end and how to measure it? Regulators want to control systemic risk, whether there is no measure of systemic risk. Now, they look carefully at macro-prudential regulations as opposed to regulations applying to each specific firm for addressing this uncontrolled issue. Re-defining systemic risk how it should be measured, and monitored today are major challenging priorities. Hedge funds during the financial crisis Most hedge funds performed poorly during the crisis and lost customers.

The student will document these facts. What implications on price dynamics and crashes? What institutional features of financial markets facilitate the appearance and persistence of herding? See chapter 15 of the Vernimmen. One explanation for this phenomenon is that CAC stocks are large corporations with significant international presence.





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