Until recently, the primary focus of mesotherapy was the treatment of more than diseases, as well as skin and scalp rejuvenation. In , phosphatidylcholine PPC was isolated and used intravenously in Odessa, Russia, for the treatment of fat embolism. In , Bobkova et al 1 published a treatise on the metabolic effect of Lipostabil Forte Aventis, Bridgewater, NJ on serum lipid concentrations. His study demonstrated a significant decrease in serum triglyceride levels, reversal of insulin resistance, and an improvement of thyroid function. Many others have substantiated these findings, including a decrease in LDL and VLDL, an increase in HDL, as well as improvement in liver fibrosis in patients with cirrhosis and hepatitis.

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Abstract Lipodissolve, to reduce superficial deposits of fat, has gained popularity in recent years. A simple solution of phosphatidylcholine in deoxycholate evolved around and has been used by two collaborating physicians in Minnesota.

Their experience encompassing 1, patients receiving a total of 15, treatments is described. Relatively modest volumes of injections produced satisfactory and smooth results in No serious complications developed. Minor and rare side effects included pain, lightheadedness, tender nodules, pigmentation, and ulceration in two patients.

The authors offer useful tips to enhance safety, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction with the procedure. Localized injections of phosphatidylcholine PC with deoxycholate DC to reduce superficial deposits of fat have gained popularity in the United States since the turn of the century. Initially, different practitioners added multiple other ingredients, including L-carnitine, aminophylline, collagenase, various vasodilators, and hyaluronidase.

Since then, several hundred physicians in the United States have treated thousands of patients. The mechanism of action of the mixture is similar to that of bile, wherein DC a bile salt breaks down the ingested fat cells, and PC assists the digestion and drainage of released fat, 1 but mostly protects the neighboring mucosa from the corrosive action of DC.

The techniques, efficacy, and side effects of lipodissolve have been the subject of several reports over the past five years. The results are described herein, followed by useful tips to enhance safety, efficacy, and patient satisfaction. Areas Treated Abdomen, flanks, outer thighs saddle bags , posterior upper thighs banana roll , and anterior thighs mostly cellulite were the most common areas treated.

Methods The areas were marked by palpating exact outlines. For example, the abdomen was not injected as a whole, but as separate areas over the upper, lower, or periumbilical abdomen, which were marked exactly. Saddle bags were marked according to exact shape and extended to banana rolls, if necessary.

Icing the area for 4 to 5 minutes seemed to reduce immediate stinging and pain and was used for most of the patients at one clinic. A few double chins were treated with 3 to 6cc. Ultrasound, for a few minutes, was added before or after injections for the possibility of improved adipocyte lysis. A variable amount of swelling and bruising developed in almost all patients, but mostly subsided within 10 days.

The overall results differed somewhat depending upon the volume of solution with each treatment Table 1. TABLE 1.



Takree If you have a financial interest in an article, you should strongly avoid editing it. If the patient is committed to having a balanced diet and an exercise program, the results of LipoDissolve will be durable. In larger surface areas, using a 1. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section. This case highlights a severe complication of multisystem organ failure following injection lipolysis therapy that has not been previously described.


Lipodissolve for Body Sculpting

Zolodal While the solution used in the injections lipodissllve received was labeled as phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, we were unable to confirm the presence of these substances since they are not in our GC-MS library. White blood cell count was 5. Lipodissolve is effective in treating small areas of fat deposition, cellulite, and postlipoplasty deformities. InAblon and Rotunda confirmed the beneficial effects of the infraorbital PPC formulation injection introduced by Rittes with a similarly designed but smaller open-label study on 10 patients. Licensed physicians who have worked with us or been affiliated with us, have published studies referring to actual Lipodissolve protocols — not other procedures, lipodissollve protocols or medications.


Some doctors swear by it. By day 3 to 7, the swelling has resolved considerably, but there may be some residual soreness. Lipase-catalyzed exchange of soybean phosphatidylcholine in n-Hexane: To control this situation Brazil restricted the use of these products. I am going out to get injected right now! I am currently a consultant for Arbonne International and I was wondering if you had heard of our products?


One possibility of the failure of the Brazilian formula was the very high concentration of benzyl alcohol. Conflict of interest is clear on this. Lipodissolve for Body Sculpting The injector should always know where the needle tip is; the most frequent error of new injectors is injecting too deeply. Upon arrival, approximately twenty-four hours lipodissllve the initial presentation, the patient still appeared mildly uncomfortable with abdominal pain.

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