Published just after the end of World War I, this work details the coming century with an unmatched depth of perception and accurately predicts the cataclysmic events that would befall the White nations during the 20th century and beyond. Copyright: Many works published by the Colchester Collection are either in the Public Domain or licensed for public use. Some works in the collection are restricted by copyright in some countries. All copyright claims in these pages, by the Colchester Collection, apply, solely, to those copyrightable expressions of ideas summaries, web design, graphics, etc.

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Stoddard did a good job predicting how the "rising tide of color" would overpower "white world-supremacy. Stoddard also discusses how basically every European nation east of Germany has a good percentage of Asiatic blood. Slavs seem to be the only whites left that are somewhat Nationalistic and collectively racially conscious. I ended up with over 40 pages of quotes from the text after I was finished and exported the quotations from my Kindle.

Needless to say, I cannot include all of that material into a single book review, but a decent summary I can do. To quote Stoddard: " Today, Stoddard would have a heart attack at the extent of nonwhite immigration into America, almost entirely for providing cheap labor to rich business interests, and building the constituency of the Democratic Party. The life appeared to have gone out of it, leaving naught but the dry husks of empty formalism and soulless ritual.

Yet at this darkest hour a voice came crying from out the vast Arabian desert, the cradle of Islam, calling the Faithful to better things.

This puritan reformer was the famous Abd-el Wahab, and his followers, known as Wahabees, soon spread over the length and breadth of the Mohammedan world, purging Islam of its sloth and rekindling the fervor of olden days. Thus began the great Mohammedan Revival. Every Muslim is, first a foremost, a preacher for his faith, working diligently to convert the unbelievers by whatever means available.

Stoddard actually had little to say about blacks, other than that they are highly likely to be used as cannon fodder by Muslims in a protracted conflict with the West.

There is some truth to this, as multiple times in America we have been confronted with African-Americans that have been radically Islamified, and been converted to the terrorist cause. He did however, point at the black fecundity will likely become a big problem down the road. Nowadays though, current population predictions suggest that Africa is headed for a multi-billion person population explosion, that will likely lead to wars and chaos if the resulting excess of young African males cannot be employed or sent off to die somewhere.

What surprised me was the enormous contempt that Asiatics Chinese and Japanese had for white people, and vice versa. White hatred of yellow men, according to what Stoddard has written here, is almost entirely driven by working-class white resentment at competing with coolie labor.

Oriental contempt though, runs much deeper. The proud, xenophobic Chinese saw their lands carved up by foreign devils in the 19th century.

The Japanese, isolated into their rigid samurai ways, were thrown suddenly from the 17th century into the 19th century, astonished at how far behind they were. The world was a much different place before WWII, as this book has revealed to me.

Stoddard has much to say about the enormous cost of World War 1, where virtually every person killed was white, and probably a male and a soldier. He detests the Treaty of Versailles, mocking its attempts at forging peace. I cannot disagree with Stoddard that WW1 was a needless, bloody, awful catastrophe. Instead of banding together to forge a pan-white international order aimed at protecting and advancing white geopolitical interests, the Great Powers of Europe instead wasted billions of dollars on an insane arms race, and then led the fruit of their civilization, young 18 to 20 year old white men, off to meat grinder to be turned into fleshy soup by artillery, mortars, and machine guns.

I often wonder at how different the white world would be today if World War I had never happened. This book gave a sad glimpse into the bright future that could have been, if only all of those guns had been pointed outward instead of inward.

Instead of foreign Muslim hordes invading Europe, raping women in Cologne, and executing terror attacks in France, white men would own much of the remaining world. Instead of blacks inhabiting the resource-rich regions of Africa, Africa could have become an economic powerhouse if populated by white people.

Similarly for Central America and South America. Instead of endless hectoring from non-whites about our past sins, our past "sins" would not even be up for discussion, since the people that would do the hectoring would not exist in white lands. But one cannot change the past, no matter easily it would fix things in the present. Its wrong for POC to be living in so-called white lands, but it would have been a perfectly good thing if whites had taken Let me get this straight.

Its wrong for POC to be living in so-called white lands, but it would have been a perfectly good thing if Merna wrote: "Let me get this straight. In any case, I am not interested in maudlin appeals to "fairness" or "equity" in geopolitical affairs. Such appeals are a poorly concealed attempt at warfare through diplomacy. As Clausewitz said, part of defeating your enemy is gaining moral hegemony over him.

Convince him that his best path to winning is immoral, and he cripples himself for your own benefit. Then acquire the same or better means he is denying himself, and crush him with it. There is of no use in discussing geopolitics with women, because they are not equipped to deal with the cold, cruel reality of it all. In the average case, other groups are suspicious and distrustful of each other. In the worst case, they see us as rivals or challengers to be destroyed.

Coming up with and decoding the "plans within plans" that ensure the survival of your people is not for women, but for the men of the tribe blessed with ruthlessness and the intelligence to use it. Geopolitics likes to dress itself with diplomats wearing pressed suits, fancy embassies, gala dinners, and well-publicized signings of documents. In truth, geopolitics is not court of law, but a gang-infested prison rec yard. One can attend their church and yearn for the better, fairer world in the afterlife.

In this world, however, might gets things done. What does it matter how much griping a hostile tribe does? How much they whine and squeal about being reduced to suzerainty? If they are powerless to change it, their words are meaningless. If some "moral law" written in a dusty book somewhere says they should be "empowered," then let that book sprout arms and legs, don a sword and armor, and free the chattel itself.

Furthermore, power is never given, but taken by force. The worst of men take power for their own profit. The best of them take power to ensure the survival and welfare of their subjects. So I tell you, yes, taking over Africa would have been the best outlet for European energies at the end of the 19th century.

It would have been, as you put it, "perfectly good," because the welfare, and security of our people is the basis of "good," and not religious or philosophical abstractions. Instead of the great powers obliterating each other with huge artillery guns and chopping hordes of young men to ribbons with machine guns, Africa could have become an advanced technological ultrapower.

What good would their primitive weapons have done against machine guns, modern artillery, or aerial reconnaissance? Widespread violence would have been necessary, as it is better for your foe to destroy himself; then you can lay all on the blame on him. It could have been a gradual process of getting Africans hooked on alcohol, tobacco, opium, idiotic entertainment, and confining them to prostitute-rich bantustans.

Slowly but surely, their substance and character would rot away until they were no longer a threat to anyone but themselves. Resistance would never have been possible, because he would never have known anything else other than getting high, getting drunk, and carousing with strumpets. He might wonder why maglev trains were transporting from Cairo to Cape Town, and why places that were once deserts were now wine country.

But, it is of no relevance to anything, because he would be powerless to change it. Impotent griping from a senile member of a defeated tribe would never have provoked the abandonment of a Europeanized Africa. And yet further, our borders would have been extended, the survival of our people improved, and the Islamic and Asian threat reduced substantially.


Lothrop Stoddard

Stoddard received a Ph. Stoddard privately dismissed the Hearst magazine as a "radical-Jew outfit". Stoddard authored many books, most of them related to race and civilization. He wrote primarily on the alleged dangers posed by " colored " peoples to white civilization.


Lothrop Stoddard – The Rising Tide of Color



The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy



The Rising Tide of Color


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