Early life[ edit ] Rennison was brought up in Leeds , Yorkshire, in a three-bedroomed council house in Seacroft with her mum, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin. Her newspaper column was written about whatever personally interested her, such as how pointless it is to date over 35, and led to an invitation from Picadilly Press to write a teenage diary book. They said her writing was "so self-obsessed and so childish" that she would be perfect to write such a book. Being her first novel, she used real names of people from her childhood as she wrote and forgot to change the names before the book was published. She said, "I wanted Georgia to be a decent person. I wanted her to be someone who is a bit stupid and self-obsessed and difficult and funny and rude, and a bit jealous and all those other things.

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Louise Rennison went on tour performing this book and later on BBC did a special on the book. She then began writing a newspaper column, and in this column, Louise wrote whatever pleased her.

Her very first novel was published in the year and became an international best seller. Since this was her very first novel. Louise Rennison used the real names of people from her past. Immediately after completing the book, Louise had forgotten to change the names in the book. Thus those childhood friends were able to recognize who they were in the book.

Again, she was awarded a Printz Honor Book two years later. Just like the novel, this movie revolves around the life of a year-old girl who happens to keep a diary of all her ups and downs, including everything that she learns about kissing. In this novel, the author introduces the reader to Georgia, a teenager who lives with her parents, Wildcat, and three-year-old daughter.

While helping her best friend in stalking her brother, Georgia meets with an attractive and exceedingly popular boy, Robbie. The main problem is that the boy is much older and also has a girlfriend. Lindsay, a much older girl who secretly wears a bra padding and thong is busy making the life of Georgia together with her friends exceedingly miserable.

Upon discovering how mean Lindsay is, Robbie dumps her. However, Robbie tells Georgia that he is not going to date her because, she, is still extremely young. Determined to show Robbie how wrong he is, Georgia makes an effort in bleaching a strip of her hair, but it eventually comes off in her hands.

However, Robbie is still seduced by her peculiar behavior, and they make out. Another book that has also performed extremely well is the second book in this series. In the first book, Georgia had managed to land her long time crush, Robbie Jennings. Thus, she begins looking for excuses so that she can go and see him.

After some time, their mother announces that they are to leave for New Zealand. However, since she has recently gotten a boyfriend, Georgia decides to stay back home. Despite staying so that she can spend time with Robbie, Robbie leaves her claiming that she is too young. Georgia eventually uses guilty for using Dave; hence she breaks up with him.

Georgia feels so extremely bad about what she did. It does not take long before she learns that Dave has started seeing her best friend, Ellen. Eventually, Robbie admits that he is not able to stop thinking about Georgia. He also says that he misses her together with her exceedingly weird ways. Their newest book is The Taming of the Tights and was released on January, 1st


On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God: Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson



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