Read time Original post date: May 21, Does your child have the entrepreneurial spirit? Support their dreams with a concrete plan to build their first business. One day, I said goodbye to the shopkeeper, Mrs. Martin, and was looking at the comic-book stand with a longing gaze.

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The current education system may not be providing all the valuable information a child needs. Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote this book to fill in the gaps to help your child giving the same inspiring and practical financial knowledge that his Rich Dad gave him.

Robert had really bad grades and often wanted to drop out. And also understanding your child will who will use these for the rest of his or her life. A good education is more important than ever and current education system may not be providing all the information your child needs.

Dick Polipnick here with Online Growth Systems. We read hundreds of books throughout the year and filter them to give you what we think are the best ones. Click here to check that book review!

And I was curious to read the book. Robert Kiyosaki takes the principles from Rich Dad Poor Dad and he applies it in a way so this book can be still geared for parents. He writes books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad for teens that are geared for young readers. Robert Kiyosaki talks about a perfect example of his student who read Rich Kids Smart Kid it applied it to his life.

This was an amazing pre-written book. It was about a 13 years old kid who wanted to buy a bike. I will do that. The kid was looking around and around. The kid was getting pissed. He found on Craigslist gumball machines that were selling for like bucks a piece. So, he bought two of them with his own cash and also bought some gumballs He started his business on golf courses and shared a percentage of the sales with the golf courses.

They agreed to this proposal. These are busy golf courses and there are nice country clubs too. So, he regrouped his money very quickly and filling up gumballs all the time. And he was making all his money. Now, I allow you to take the money and buy a bike. The story goes on and they follow him throughout his life.

By the time he was like 18 and graduating high school he had purchased out a vending business worth tens of thousands of dollars. He bought all the suppliers for places that sell chips. He was making tons of money by the time he graduated high school.

All these are automatic. All he did was go and fill up the gumballs. While he was sleeping or playing golf or attending the school he was making money. So, this book talks about what dad did to teach his son those rules and requirements. Example: how instead of getting allowance you can do an investment with a small loan. Million dollars came from there! This is a really good book for parents who want to teach kids how to grow well at this age. It also teaches you how to take the concepts from this book and relay it to your children.

I really got a lot of tips out of it because when I read the book I was I had previously read Rich Dad Poor Dad. So, I was able to consume it as a kid and learn which maybe my parents were supposed to be teaching me. So, highly recommend it! Click here to buy the book from Amazon! Because why would you spend freaking hours learning it when you could just watch this show and learn it in ten minutes.

And you can actually see which books are worth the buy. I will see you guys in the next article. Take care!


How To Make Money As A Kid

Kiyosaki: Robert T. Kiyosaki is a Japanese-American Businessman, Writer, and a motivational speaker. He is known for his work to educate people in the field of business and finance. His first book was Rich Dad Poor Dad in which he put forward successful formulas of becoming successful in life. He wants to educate people and give them the way by following which they can become successful in life financially. In his public lectures, he discusses the same ideas. Robert joined the army after his graduation from New York and is one of the veterans of the Vietnam War.


Rich Dad's Rich Kid Smart Kid



Rich Dad's Rich Kid, Smart Kid: Giving Your Children a Financial Headstart


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