Therefore, mystery would be a more appropriate translation. Thus, Tripura Rahasya means the Mystery beyond the Trinity. The Tripura Rahasya expounds the teachings of the supreme spiritual truth. The highest truth was first taught by Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu. Of these the first consists of 6, slokas; the second of 2, slokas; and the third is untraceable. Historical context[ edit ] Jamadagni was a Brahmin saint who lived in the forest with his wife Renuka and his sons, of whom Parasurama was the youngest, the most renowned and valiant.

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No other course will impress the mind so much as this one on Wisdom which was once taught by that illustrious master Dattatreya to Parasurama. The teaching was born of his own experience, logical in sense and quite unique in its nature. One who cannot apprehend Truth even after hearing this must be dismissed as a silly fool to be ranked among the insentient and accursed of God; Siva himself cannot make such an one gain wisdom.

I now proceed to relate that incomparable teaching. Oh, the lives of Sages are most sacred! Narada too served me to learn the same from me; for, service to sages enables one to apprehend their innate kindness, just as the sense of smell helps one to detect the intrinsic odour of musk.

As Parasurama, the son of Jamadagni, already pure-minded and pleasing to all, was listening to the Gospel of Tripura from the lips of Dattatreya, he became abstracted in devotion and so growing still for a time, his mind became still purer.

Then as the mind relaxed, his eyes glowed in rapture and his hair stood on end, as if his ecstasy could not be contained within but must escape through the very pores of his body. He then fell to the ground before his master Datta. That expanse of Grace called Siva, here incarnate as my Guru, is indeed gracious to me; gaining whose pleasure even the Lord of creation, looks a pigmy. That Supreme Being is gracious indeed, just in so much as is my Master, for reasons unknown to me.

Note: — The meaning is that the Guru, being God, is mercy incarnate and requires no incentive to show grace. Thou hast now kindly opened out to me the glory of Tripura.

I now desire fervently to worship Her Transcendental Majesty. Kindly tell me, my Master, how it is to be done. Being thus requested, Datta Guru satisfied himself as to the fitness of Parasurama, whose zeal for and devotion to Tripura worship were intense; and he duly initiated him into the method of Her worship.

After initiation into the right method, which is more sacred than all others and leads directly to Realisation, Parasurama learned from the sweet tips of Sri Guru all the details regarding recitation figures for worship and different meditations, one after another — like a honey bee collecting honey from flowers.

Bhargava i. Being then permitted by his holy master, he thirsted to practise the sacred lore; he went round his master, made obeisance to him and retired to the Mahendra Hill. There, having built a clean and comfortable hermitage, he was engaged for twelve years in the worship of Tripura. He incessantly contemplated the figure of that Holy Mother Tripura, performing at the same time his daily tasks and the special ceremonies connected with Her worship and recitations; twelve years thus passed in a flash.

Then on a certain day while the son of Jamadagni was sitting at ease, he fell into a reverie. I heard from him the Gospel of Tripura, Where does it rise from, in all its grandeur? How does it exist? I find it to be altogether transient. Such happenings seem strangely enough to be unconsidered.

They are on a par with the blind man led by the blind! I do not even remember what happened in my childhood. The end justifies the means as adopted by individuals according to their temperaments in different climes and in different times.

What have they gained thereby? Are they themselves happy? I however cannot deem it so, seeing that even after gaining the so-called end, the attempts are repeated. Note: — Since there is no abiding satisfaction in the gain, it is not worth having.

Therefore, what the man is always after should be esteemed the only real purpose — be it accession of pleasure or removal of pain. There can be neither, so long as the incentive to effort lasts.

How can there be pleasure or removal of pain so long as it continues? They propose to reach happiness after crossing interminable hurdles of efforts! I too have been unwittingly imitating them like a blind man following the blind. Enough of this folly! I will at once return to that ocean of mercy — my Master. Having resolved thus, Parasurama of pure mind immediately descended the hill in search of his Master.

Quickly reaching the Gandhmadan Mountain, he found the Guru sitting in padmasana posture as if illumining the whole world. On Parasurama saluting him thus, Dattatreya gave him his blessings, his face lit with love, and he bade him rise saying: I see you have returned after a long time.

Tell me how are you? Are you in good health? He rose as commanded by his Guru, and took his seat in front of and close to him as directed. Clasping his hands, Parasurama spoke with pleasure. Note: — Clasping the two hands with fingers directed towards the object, is a sign of respect. Ocean of Mercy! Can any one drenched with Thy kindness ever be afflicted by ailments even if destiny so decree? Nothing afflicts me except the desire to remain in unbroken contact with Thy holy feet.

The very sight of Thy holy feet has made me perfectly happy, but there are a few longstanding doubts in my mind. Hearing the words of Parasurama, Dattatreya, the Ocean of kindness, was pleased and said to him. I am pleased with your devotion and shall answer your questions with pleasure.

Oh, Omniscient one! Once before for good reason I was furious with the kingly class. My wrath was at last appeased.

Blinded by fury and proud of my prowess, I challenged him. However, out of his innate kindness he let me go with my life because I was a Brahmin. Note: — Samvarta, the brother of Brihaspati, looked like a maniac wandering in the forests. Narada once directed the emperor Nivritta to him and instructed him how Samvarta could be recognised.

The King accordingly met the Sage and prayed for his help in the performance of a sacrifice, in which Brihaspati prompted by Indra had refused to officiate. Samvarta agreed, though hesitatingly, and later completed it in spite of the wrath of Indra. Indra attempted to break up the function but was rendered impotent by the Sage vide Asvamedha Parva in the Mahabharata. Every inch of his body filled one with exhilaration so that I had a refreshing feeling in his mere proximity.

Note: — Sensation of Peace or of ananda is the symptom of Satsanga. His answer was clear cut and expressive of the essence of the sweet nectar of Eternal life. However I prayed to him and he directed me to Thee. I have learnt the Gospel of Tripura well.

It is undoubtedly an incentive to devotion to Her. But what have I gained after all? Then God shows His Grace by manifesting as his Guru. It is certain that I cannot realise the goal until it is made known to me.

I consider those acts of no account which yield only trifling results. For as happiness recedes misery pours in. Again they may be with discipline or without discipline, since the Sastras differ about this. How can that be? Devotion is just as imperfect as Karma. Moreover, the practices are continuous and there seems to be no end to these obligatory duties. How did he gain that state?

And what did he tell me? Seeing Parasurama doing so and feeling that he was now ready for Realisation. Sri Datta, whose very being was love, said gently: "Oh child Bhargava! Lucky are you — your mind being thus disposed. That Devi Tripura, who is the conscious core of the heart and therefore knows each one intimately, swiftly rescues Her unswerving devotees from the jaws of death, after manifesting Herself in their hearts.

Some men have gone mad as if some poison had already entered their blood and were torturing their whole being. They then suffered torment from the effects of the poison. Note: — Thorn-apples are used for extracting a poisonous alkaloid. The fruit is fatal or produces insanity. They became mad and lost their way. Some becoming blind fell into pits or gorges: They are bewildered in their frenzy and destruction awaits them. Investigation is the root-cause of all, and it is the first step to the supreme reward of indescribable bliss.

How can any one gain security without proper investigation? Success attends proper deliberation till eventually the end is without doubt accomplished. Investigation is the seed capable of sprouting and nourishing into the gigantic tree of happiness. Brahma is great because of deliberation; Vishnu is worshipped because of it.

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Tripura Rahasya English Translation

No other course will impress the mind so much as this one on Wisdom which was once taught by that illustrious master Dattatreya to Parasurama. The teaching was born of his own experience, logical in sense and quite unique in its nature. One who cannot apprehend Truth even after hearing this must be dismissed as a silly fool to be ranked among the insentient and accursed of God; Siva himself cannot make such an one gain wisdom. I now proceed to relate that incomparable teaching.


Tripura Rahasya






Tripura Rahasya: The Mystery Beyond The Trinity


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