At any moment you can CHOOSE what words, associations and ideas you will use as the filters through which you interpret an event. No one and no thing has the power to upset you unless you give this power away. Self containment comes when one recognizes that the direction of personal energies—physical, emotional and mental ideas, beliefs, labels, interpretations , conscious and subconscious, is an attainable level of personal master and exists as an implied responsibility that comes with the gift of free will choice. The more responsible you become, the greater freedom and personal empowerment you will know. Part of spiritual master entails teaching ourselves to be consciously diligent in observing our own minds, emotions and physical body-talk, so that we may employ conscious redirection of subconscious shadow energies that run on auto-pilot.

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It represents the living codes of matter and all biologies built upon them. It is the key to your known and unknown universe.

Keylonta is the new but very old cosmology. Is the Science of creation, of the underlying structure of what matter is created from. It is the science of creation and consciousness.

It is the science of microcosms and macrocosms interrelationship. It is the science of energy dynamics through which matter forms and consciousness manifest. MF It is the science of biological physical , consciousness spiritual evolution. It is the science of construction, perceptions and potentials of human organism and consciousness. It is the science of the human soul and the family tree of consciousness out of which all of us emerge.

It is the science of DNA activation, genetic imprinting, cellular memory and transmutation of form. It is the science of dimensional ascension, teleportation, bi-location and generation of identity by teaching you how to change vibrational rate of your molecular structure. It is the science that explores the dynamics of time, space and matter and how those qualities of externalized reality are created and what are they really and what they appear to be. We will find for example that time is not linear, as we perceive it to be, but simultaneous in nature, that all takes place in a non-space reality and that matter is actually a holographic illusion created by the refraction of energy particles and light and sound frequencies.

We find that things are much different than what our five senses tell us how they are. It is the science of the 12 human senses, not just the five.


Keylontic Science Dictionary ~ The Twelve Responsibilities of Mastery



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