Saber Electrnica Amplificador de Potencia de 12V con TDA mxima de alimentacin en el TDA disparador de calor puede tener un de prueba con el que se han obteni- es de 18 V, de todas maneras el factor ms pequeo comparado con do los valores mencionados. Cuando se va a utilizar como am- DC por encima de los 28 V, sin cau- Tampoco habr dao si se calien- plificador simple se recomienda la sar dao. Tambin posee proteccio- tan demasiado las patas del integra- disposicin mostrada en la figura 8. Si son utilizadas diferentes disposi- una sobrecarga en la salida an si Los valores mximos de este in- ciones, los puntos de conexin en las es permanente , o un una excesiva tegrado se pueden observar en la ta- entradas uno y dos deben estar bien temperatura ambiente.

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Branris I am for several weeks ordering the parts from the partlist and they are finally at home. The components you use in your amplifier will have a major effect on the sound quality. Divakar Pathak on June 24, at 6: In a bridged configuration, two amplificavor chips power a single speaker. I have the questions for this project: Consent to store personal information: Divakar Pathak on June 24, at 7: The cutoff frequency is calculated the same way:. The cutoff frequency is:.

The quality is great. Circuit Basics on April 13, at 5: I wanted to ask, what is the resole amlificador you used, high voltage capacitors in a circuit that will work amplififador a supply of 12 Volts. Anirvan on February 1, at 1: Download my parts list to see the components I used to get really good sound quality from these amplifiers. Electronic circuits is a total new hoby for me and I found this site and it is a good start.

Without a heat sink the chip will get extremely hot very quickly and become permanently damaged. There is part missing namely: For me I am not an electrician it is very confusing. Capacitors can be very expensive if you go for the high-end audiophile brands.

This is to reduce the length of the traces connecting the capacitors to the chip. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Frits on October 28, at I do not mean it critacal but I see some amplificadpr in the pictures from the amplifier relative to the PCB before soldering. I wonder if it is possible to replace this capitator for a M KP capitator with the same value? This can be accomplished using a star ground. Capacitors C7 and C3 in the left yda and C9 and C10 in the right channel are the power supply decoupling capacitors.

Watch the video for a brief explanation of the build, and hear what the finished amp sounds like:. Both amplifiers sound great. Like the stereo amplifier, the bridged amplifier has a low pass RC filter at the output.

However, you can still get great sound from less expensive ones. The TDA can be a bit tricky when it comes to grounding. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments…. Sy Do on April 13, at 5: Higher voltages will give you more output power. Use the formula below to find the resistance values for your desired gain:. Related Articles.


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