Sajas Please refrain from personal attacks and discriminatory racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Essentially, encourages positive play, though a player could still play a villain if he wanted to. Savage Worlds settings: Sundered Skies or Hellfrost? You may also want to consider the recently-updated 50 Fathoms.

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Today, it is a god-cursed realm of sundered earth and shattered cities, a devastated wasteland populated only by ferocious orcs and giants, and insane frostreavers and Vendahl. Few have cause to walk the vast basin, and most who enter never return. The greatest threat to maritime trade in the modern age is the Seareavers, a motley brotherhood of sea-raiders bound by a loose code and common faith.

They are greatly feared, and rightfully so, for they are true wolves of the sea. Conquered a generation ago, Seithrby appears tranquil and stable, yet beneath the surface is a land of competing nobles, raiding undead, and outmoded attitudes. And lurking deep beneath its rolling hills and fertile plains are dark secrets, terrible secrets of yesteryear that refuse to die. Every race, culture, and nation has its own opinions.

Yet even these are not set in stone, for different generations apply their own interpretations to holy texts and the myths of old, shaping them to fit current events and mores so they remain pertinent to worshippers. This supplement provides an overview of Godsheim, a realm shaped by the beliefs of mortals. A star chart of the night sky completes the supplement. Although the frost giants suffered a bitter defeat a century ago, their strength is building once more.

Huge longships packed with giants and orcs once again plague the eastern coast, while within the walls of the mighty fortress of Jarlshof, High Ice King Nagal plans an invasion. This supplement looks at the powers of High Ice King Nagal and the perils that await explorers to the forbidding isle of eternal winter, present four new locales, inroduces seven new prc tribes, and details four new wintry hazards. Beset by enemies and reluctant to embrace the wider world, time is running short for the taiga elves.

This supplement provides invaluable information on the taiga elf race for players and GMs alike, and explores five new major locales associated with their forest homes. Hundreds of sites of interest have been described in the Hellfrost Gazetteer and Region Guide series, yet these have barely scratched the surface. The snow-bound continent is a vast place, littered with isolated communities, thriving towns, and abandoned ruins of bygone ages. This Region Guide contains an additional 35 locales and 4 colorful citizens from across the continent.

In the frozen lands of the northern continent powerful boasts boast of future deeds; clerics scan the natural world for signs from their gods; family and friends, tied by oaths of allegiance, rally together to combat deadly threats; wise sages and scholars plunder the few remaining libraries; and those who fall are buried with valuable grave goods. And now your heroes can join them! The Rassilon Expansion builds on the Hellfrost setting, bringing new life and new depth to the inhabitants of the northern continent.

With these rules heroes can take direct responsibility for governing land, temples, or mercenary companies, allowing them to make decisions that will lead to prosperity or ruin.


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Mugami The Roadwardens are an informal organisation dedicated to protecting travellers on the road, whilst the Elven Woodwardens protect the forests. Travelling in great caravans throughout this region are the Engros, a diminutive and distrusted race that has the reputation of being thieves and beggars. Savage Worlds settings: Sundered Skies or Hellfrost? Submit a new text post. From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with their rolling hills and forests, arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants all of the ice god Thrym.



Welcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and trap-laden tombs bloated with fabulous treasure! Freed from enslavement under the jinn five centuries ago by Suleiman the Great, the races of Al-Shirkuh, the Land of Fire, have prospered. Here, amid the endless sands and crumbling ruins of long-forgotten empires, stand glittering cities and verdant oases. But Al-Shirkuh is changing. The temperature grows colder, the rains fall less often, and the desert is encroaching on the fertile lands. The jinn, once defeated, are gathering their strength; fire giants are raiding with impunity; the naga have returned to reclaim their homeland; and the withered undead of Hekata stir in their majestic pyramids.





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